June 19, 2009

minor food poisoning

adui, matilah aku ni... :(

June 16, 2009


i'm in a really bad shape right now that even when little things like accidentally kicking the chair drives me to tears. even as i'm typing this, my fingers are shaking and i am in the brink of crying again.

did you know that stress induces gastric pain? oh yes, they do. and i learned it the hard way.

gosh, i hate being like this. i can't really explain WHY i am being the way i am right now. and this is bad for my work too. i have been pushing my work forward for the past 2 weeks. the truth is, i have so many ideas in my mind for my designs, but the moment i try to put it on designs and codes, everything just went *poof*!

and today, i created like 8 designs and i end up deleting each and every one of it because i hated the end result!

if i were to go with what my heart tells me, i'd book a flight back home to my parents right now. i just wanna go away to a peaceful place where i know people would love and take care of me.

if only i didn't have all these projects going on.. i would've been on the plane already.. :(