February 29, 2008


I was watching Prison Break S3 before going to bed last night. And guess what?

They killed Dr. Sara Tancredi!!!


wtf. How could they end her character in such a brutal way, I don't understand. They could at least give her and Michael (Scoffield) a proper parting, instead of beheading her!!! >:(

At first I thought that maybe, just MAYBE that wasn't her head in the box. Maybe the producers are trying to give us a suspense. But I wasn't satisfied. So I searched the Net for an explanation on WHY they killed her...... and the result was very disappointing. You can search the Net if you wanna know what happened.

In the meantime, you *could* try to help bring her back to the show. lol. Sign the petition and keep your fingers cross for the return of Dr. Sara Tancredi. :P

February 28, 2008

give thanks

Requests for custom design had been pouring into my mailbox these past few days, especially after the release of Aunty J's latest web design that I made last week. And I must say, I am really pleased with the outcome. I am making money on the Net with my self-taught skill! Yay! :D

Of course, this is all not possible without the help of my blogger friends, my loved ones.. and the Lord above. That said, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have been supporting me all these time.

By no means am I making millions of money right now. Neither am I earning hundreds of thousand from this web-design stuff, but hey, the money is there! And no matter how little or much I get, I'm thankful for the extra money I'm making. :D

On another note, I am thinking of getting a new haircut. Something short. Something like the illustration to the left. But I'm not sure if I could stand seeing myself in short hair.. it'll probably look weird on me. Unless of course, I lose A LOT of weight lah. lol.

Should I cut my hair?

Should I not?

Dilemmas. I hate that.

February 27, 2008