August 30, 2010

Can I have a moment of silence, please?

I need to mourn for all the things I have lost.

God, if this is Your way of communicating to me after all that I have prayed for...
I am listening!


(2 hours later)

I feel slightly better after saying a prayer and singing along with the radio right after.
Currently working on a custom blog request for a client:

Fun! Fun! Fun! :D

August 29, 2010

Short Sunday Report :P

We managed to rise early just in time for the 11am mass at the Church of Divine Mercy today. For the first time (in many months), Bunny did not fall asleep during the sermon. lol. Well today's sermon was about pride and humility. Twas a very good sermon, I'd say!

Right after church, we went for lunch at one of the restaurant in Shah Alam. Too crowded! I queued for about 15 mins just to get my nasi ayam - but it was sooo worth it. Sangat sedap oh rasa dia! By the way, my bestie, Tess joined us later on. She was at the church as well. Hmm. A change for the good is happening? I hope...

We also went for a movie at Times Square today (since my brother had to stop over for his new keyboard). We watched The Expendables. Quite an interesting movie. Banyak adegan hancur kepala, tikam leher etc. -_- But there's also quite a few funny dialogue and scene, especially the part where Arnold Schwarzenegger rejected the job offer and Bruce Willis asked, "What's his problem?" to which Sylvester Stallone answered, "He's running for President." LOL!

After all the church, shopping and movie, we reached home about 7PM. Since everyone was too tired to cook, we end up eating simple and quick food - Spaghetti Carbonara - prepared by yours truly, of course. ;D

Well that's about how I spend my Sunday. I hope yours is as superb as mine too. :P

August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jaya!

It's my fiancé's birthday today, and to mark his special day, I made a quick change on my blog template from this:

to the current look you're looking at now. :D

Just a minor change on the background and some images - which took me about 4 or 5 hours to get it done! *phew* How do you like the new look? More matured lah kunun bah kan? Hahahaha.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, darling Jaya!! May you be blessed with abundance of joy, peace & wealth (hihihi) always.

I love you!

I love you!

I love you!