November 24, 2007

Here comes the weekend

Yay! Weekend is here! I can ditch my diet on weekends and eat all the food I like once again.


OMG I miss you so much, oh rice!! :-D

November 21, 2007


I'm having stomachache right now. I've no idea why. It could be the burger, it could be the carbohydrate. I've been dieting and cutting myself from carb for the past 1 week - I guess when I had rice this afternoon and burger this evening, my tummy didn't really like it; it upsets her. LOL!

Anyway, I can't go to sleep so I tried to kacau my brother on IM, since he's working late tonight. But it turned out he wasn't online. :-( So I decided to clean up some stuff on my desk. It's starting to get kinda messy already! And guess what I found inside the jewellery box?

My mini iPod. Hahahaha!

It's been a while since I last play with it! I think since I got it 2 years ago, I've only used the iPod like 3 or 4 times... maybe 6. I only use it during my flight back to KK or to KL. Hahaha! Look, even the charger still have that plastic cover on it!

I'm charging the iPod at this moment tho. There's a few songs to copy inside too. Looks like I'll be using it again soon: for my flight back to Sabah this December. I can't wait to go home! :-)

November 19, 2007


I don't know why, but lately.. I've grown tired of blogging. So many things happened, so many stories to tell, so many photos to show.. yet, the writing mood is not there. The moment I logged into the Net, I don't feel like writing anything on my blog to post at all. In fact, instead of logging into my Blog, I went to eBay and to shop!

Maybe I just need a break from blogging. Do something else. Learn something new. Then maybe, I'll get into the blogging mood once again. :-)

November 12, 2007

New pot and new membership

Got me a new pot yesterday :-P

You can read more about the pot at my other blog at Foreign Beauty.

I also bought a VIP membership online to watch TV series and shows. YAY! Now I can watch all the shows like The L Word, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes up-to-date without having to download it like a pirate anymore. YAY!!!!!

OK.. gotta take my shower now before I start watching Heroes. :-P

November 9, 2007

It's A Cruel World Afterall...

Every blog I go, people are posting photos of FOOD!!!

How the heck am I gonna stick to my diet like this????!!!!

*sob* *sob*

November 7, 2007

Flabuless Plan

Wow, I woke up pretty early today: like at 3PM! I went to bed at 8 this morning. Hmm.. that means I only had 7 hours of sleep. Which is fine. :-P

Anyway, my stomach felt like an air baloon. So bloated with air! I think it has something to do with the meal replacement I've been taking. Hehe.. yep. In an attempt to lose some weight, I've been replacing my dinner with these "meal replacement" stuff. You know, those diet drink that controls your calorie intake. No idea if it'll work, been only taking it for 2 nights.

Will let you know if it works.

In the meantime, I think I'll get back to my Yoga practice. It's been a while since I last did it. And oh, about the plan on going to gym.. I think I'll cancel it.. for the time being. At least wait till I've lose some weight maybe. HAHAHAHA!

Yoga Zone: Yoga for Weight Loss - here I come!
(lets see how long I'll stick with this yoga thingy...)

November 6, 2007

Ala-Malaysian Style

The guy who's supposed to be servicing my air-cond were supposed to be here an hour ago.

OK, well, at first, he told me he's coming in at 5pm, so I woke up extra early today to prepare myself and the room. (it was kinda messy)
And then he called to say he's coming at 7pm instead.

It's way past 8pm right now and still no sign of him at the door.

I HATE people like these. Can't they be more professional by sticking to the time they've promised? If I can do the same to my clients, why can't they?!


Update: He finally came at around 9:58PM. -_-"

November 5, 2007


I'm thinking of going to the Nike Women shop tomorrow to shop for some gym outfit. I've decided that in my quest to lose some weight before Christmas, I should hit the gym.

Whether or not this plan's gonna happen, we'll see.. LOL!

Wish me luck! (in shopping that is)

November 2, 2007


While waiting for my download to get over with, I'm surfing the Net and uZapping myself..

HOPEFULLY it works on getting rid of my stubborn fat tummy!! :-P