July 30, 2009

shit happens

My creativity juice was flowing like river Jordan as I scribbled on a piece of paper a few design suggestions I had in mind for my next blog design project.. when my pen decided to die on me. Oh no, no, no.. not my Jordi Labanda pen! It was a Christmas gift from a dear friend from Spain!

But I've got no time to worry about pen refills or where to get a new Jordi Labanda pen coz the ideas in my brain might go away soon .. so I quickly grabbed another pen beside my table.


Grabbed another pen.

Also inkless. Gawd.

Found another.

No ink too.. and I'm running out of pen!

UWAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Stupid lah! Where on earth can I get another pen NOW and FAST?!! I'm not gonna walk all the way to the nearest stationery right now! So lazy and tired lah.. besides, by then, all the ideas I had in mind would already be long gone....


July 29, 2009


(I wonder if anyone reads this blog at all? lol.) But anyway, hello people!

Just a quick post to showoff my latest blog design. *hee*

As usual, please click on the link and pay a visit to my new friend, Lia.

I hope you'll like the new design. It's pink, it's kawaii .. it's worth the visit! :D


Oh well, I gotta go now. Need to take a shower and put my favorite ampoules on my face to maintain my youthfulness. Ha ha! Then after that, I'm gonna jump on the bed and get my much needed sleep. I only slept for 4 hours last night! This is all Bunny's fault! lol. We had a late night out with his friends last night: we went to this pub called The Ship in the hopes of seeing live performance by the transvetites (pondan) but boohoo.. it was another band who performed last night. :(

Anyway, I REALLY gotta stop typing. I'm about to fall asleep on the notebook already!

July 27, 2009

new blog skin!

finally! yay!

after 2+ years of using the same skin for this blog, i finally got this poor blog a new cloth. :D if you missed my previous blog skin, here's how it used to look like:

What do you think of the new look? I call it "Lovebirds" as a dedication to both myself and Bunny. *teehee* I hope you like the new look!

OK lah, still lots of things need to be done to this blog. The sidebars are still empty, some codes needed editing etc. Don't panic if things ain't looking right here. It's not your browser. It's just me behind doing the editing job. :P

July 26, 2009


Bunny and I accidentally woke up pretty late today - we missed the mass, of course. But to be honestly honest, I actually woke up at 8:45am and said, "Oh, we're gonna be late!" No idea who I was talking to - either to myself or Bunny - but the main thing is, neither of us were listening because Bunny was obviously still sound asleep and I on the other hand.. went back to sleep. lol

Mummy's gonna kill me if she knew this.

Anyway, this is gonna be just another Sunday for us ..although I plan to take Bunny plants-shopping when he wakes up. I think our balcony and porch could do with some green plants. I'm keeping my fingers cross that he'll say YES.

12:27pm - I'm feeling quite hungry already. I should try my best to wake him up and whine about my stomachache. *teehee*

PS: Yasmin Ahmad died today. May her soul rest in peace. :(

UPDATE: On the evening after helping Bunny washed his car, we stopped the ice cream man who happened to pass by. We bought 2 red bean ice cream. I guess the ice cream man saw the cross I was wearing on my neck that made him asked, "Which church do you go?" "I go to St. Anthony's church", I said. "Did you go to church today?" he asked again. Sheepishly, I answered, "No. We woke up late today..."

And then guess what was his reply?

"Pergi lah church... Sekali seminggu saja. Kita mesti sembahyang sama itu Tuhan. Cakap terima kasih. Puji Tuhan. Sekali seminggu saja pun susah kah..."


After he left, I unwrapped the red bean ice cream. Surprise, surprise, the ice cream broke into 2 and the other half dropped on the ground!! So much for making me feel guilty like a sinner lah!

July 25, 2009


Hi all. Just wanna make a quick post on my most recent design works.

I hope you like the new designs! :D

July 23, 2009

little things that make me smile

Cousin Frank was back in Malaysia from Vietnam a week ago for a short break, and he brought me some stuff that I requested:

Fridge magnets!

I actually requested ONE fridge magnet only when he told me he’s coming back, but the night we had a small family gathering at my brother’s place, Frank handed me a big, blue plastic bag and said, “Nah, pilihlah mana kau mau.” I couldn’t make up my mind coz all the magnets were so cute, I asked Bunny to choose. He chose the blue Vietnamese couple and I showed Frank my choice.

“Itu saja? Sikit juga?? Ambil la banyak-banyak bah..”

WAHHH… like music to my ears, I ended up taking FIVE fridge magnets. Ha! Ha! Ha! Of course, only four were shown in the pic because the other magnet (a green Vietnamese couple) was kept for my mom. See? I’m not that *tamaha, after all. lol

Oh, I love fridge magnets.. and I’m so happy that my collections are slowly growing on my mini fridge. :D

Hmm.. Mozad (Bunny’s bassist) still owes me a fridge magnet from Australia. I can’t wait! *hee*

*tamaha = greedy (in Kadazan)

July 21, 2009

the lovebirds

I love talking to my Bunny. I love talking to him about life, business, relationship, friendship, religion, plans.. love. Sometimes (if not most of the times), I’d refer to Bunny for every decision that I wanted to make just so he could make sure I still keep my feet on the ground. Because sometimes, I tend to make decision I’d regret in the end.

Bunny and I, we’re two very different person. He’s the fire. I’m the ice. He’s straight-forward with his words while I sugar-coat mine. Having these 2 different personalities living under the same roof is definitely not something easy to go along with. There are times when we’d argue and not talk to each other for hours. Like what happened last week. And being me, the super emotional woman, after an argument or a fight, I’d go to bed angry and not wanting to say a word to him. Even when he said “Goodnight, love..”.
I hate going to bed angry. I hate hate hate hate it!
The morning after would be the day I dread the most. Bunny would leave for work and give his usual hugs and kisses before that, and I’d still sulk the whole day feeling angry and bitter. You must be wondering why? Oh, slap me for that but I’m just like that! If he doesn’t apologize or say the word “I’m sorry, love..”, I’d still be angry. And so the day went by. Bunny would text me on the phone, asking how I’m doing – and I wouldn’t bother to reply. I refused to talk to him the whole evening – until he comes back home that is. When that happens, I’d be on the bed, pretending to be sound asleep. :-P
So last week, Bunny came to bed, hugged me and said, “Love, who else would I want to spend my lifetime.. if not with YOU..”
Trust me, that was waaaaaaaaaay better than I’m sorry. *hee*
Moral of the story is: Try to stay positive. Look on the brighter side all the time. Don’t waste your time devouring into the sadness and bitterness, because at the end of the day, it’ll only make you a sad and angry person – when everything is actually A

[You may throw up now. lol]

July 11, 2009

geocities is closing

on October 26th, 2009! eeeek!!!

that means I gotta move like a gazillion images, htmls and files from there to somewhere else.


July 1, 2009

my latest design

Hello people!

I'm finally done with my one of my design work today and I'd like to share it with you.

This is a design I made for Rowena of Mum-Mum : Eat-Eat *hihihi* I really love her blog's name. Sounds really cute, kan? :D

OK, one design done, another one to go. Very happy lah. This month made some extra money. Yippee! Thank you, Lord for all Thy blessings! :D