July 21, 2009

the lovebirds

I love talking to my Bunny. I love talking to him about life, business, relationship, friendship, religion, plans.. love. Sometimes (if not most of the times), I’d refer to Bunny for every decision that I wanted to make just so he could make sure I still keep my feet on the ground. Because sometimes, I tend to make decision I’d regret in the end.

Bunny and I, we’re two very different person. He’s the fire. I’m the ice. He’s straight-forward with his words while I sugar-coat mine. Having these 2 different personalities living under the same roof is definitely not something easy to go along with. There are times when we’d argue and not talk to each other for hours. Like what happened last week. And being me, the super emotional woman, after an argument or a fight, I’d go to bed angry and not wanting to say a word to him. Even when he said “Goodnight, love..”.
I hate going to bed angry. I hate hate hate hate it!
The morning after would be the day I dread the most. Bunny would leave for work and give his usual hugs and kisses before that, and I’d still sulk the whole day feeling angry and bitter. You must be wondering why? Oh, slap me for that but I’m just like that! If he doesn’t apologize or say the word “I’m sorry, love..”, I’d still be angry. And so the day went by. Bunny would text me on the phone, asking how I’m doing – and I wouldn’t bother to reply. I refused to talk to him the whole evening – until he comes back home that is. When that happens, I’d be on the bed, pretending to be sound asleep. :-P
So last week, Bunny came to bed, hugged me and said, “Love, who else would I want to spend my lifetime.. if not with YOU..”
Trust me, that was waaaaaaaaaay better than I’m sorry. *hee*
Moral of the story is: Try to stay positive. Look on the brighter side all the time. Don’t waste your time devouring into the sadness and bitterness, because at the end of the day, it’ll only make you a sad and angry person – when everything is actually A

[You may throw up now. lol]

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