July 23, 2009

little things that make me smile

Cousin Frank was back in Malaysia from Vietnam a week ago for a short break, and he brought me some stuff that I requested:

Fridge magnets!

I actually requested ONE fridge magnet only when he told me he’s coming back, but the night we had a small family gathering at my brother’s place, Frank handed me a big, blue plastic bag and said, “Nah, pilihlah mana kau mau.” I couldn’t make up my mind coz all the magnets were so cute, I asked Bunny to choose. He chose the blue Vietnamese couple and I showed Frank my choice.

“Itu saja? Sikit juga?? Ambil la banyak-banyak bah..”

WAHHH… like music to my ears, I ended up taking FIVE fridge magnets. Ha! Ha! Ha! Of course, only four were shown in the pic because the other magnet (a green Vietnamese couple) was kept for my mom. See? I’m not that *tamaha, after all. lol

Oh, I love fridge magnets.. and I’m so happy that my collections are slowly growing on my mini fridge. :D

Hmm.. Mozad (Bunny’s bassist) still owes me a fridge magnet from Australia. I can’t wait! *hee*

*tamaha = greedy (in Kadazan)

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