September 21, 2010

My new pink candle

New resident (as my boss likes to call it) for my office desk!

Cute kan? Heheheheh..

OK la. That's all my post for today. Need to get some sleep. Sooooooooooo tired..

PS: When will the stuff that I ordered from Korea arrive?? I SO cannot wait!

September 19, 2010

Can I sleep longer, please?

Wow, it's been over 2 weeks since I post something over here. It's been over 2 weeks too since I started working at my new working place.

What can I say? Hmmm..

The office is beautiful. The lightings are dim - which is perfect because bright lights are a pain to the eyes. My LCD monitor is super-huge (perfect for my design works) and my cubicle is not really a cubicle at all. It's beautiful. A desk with no cubicle walls. :)

My workmates are quite friendly. We have a small radio for the creative team and we play Fly FM radio all the time! lol.

Eh, maybe I should just take a photo of my workspace and post it over here for you to see. But not today lah. I'm back home and it's a weekend - I don't work on weekends.

But I only have 1 word for my new job: super tiring and exhausting. (oops, that's 4 words) If it wasn't for the money........ heh

Anyway, I gotta go to bed now. Have to wake up early for church tomorrow. Didn't want to miss it again this week!

PS: Oh.. forgot to showoff a bit. :P Here's my not-so-latest design for a friend's blog header. :D

September 3, 2010

Thank you, God

I'd like to dedicate this post to thank the good Lord, dearest Mother Mary and all the angels and Saints for their love to me.

I received a phone call late afternoon today (2PM) from a company that I had previously applied a job for (like 2 months ago?) asking me for a job interview at 4PM. With only 2 hours of preparation, (what should I wear???????) I quickly took my shower, changed, packed my documents into my bag and walked as quick as I can - the office is situated so nearby my apartment!

After a quick, fun interview... the company's owner gave me the nod and said, "You can start work on Monday and sign the offer letter."

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!

And the best part, they're paying me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than me previous workplace.

Praise the Lord!!! I prayed for a job last Sunday during mass and He gave me a job on Friday! And the cherry on top of the cake? I've been putting my hope on this job on this particular workplace because their office is SOOOOOOOOOO creatively designed and decorated! LOL

So, thank you, Lord, Jesus. Thank you Mother Mary. Thank you, Saint Jane. Thank you, Saint Rita of Cascia. Thank you all the angels and Saints. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers as well.


To my readers out there, God is good. He listens if you ask nicely. :)

P/S: Why is the date on this post not on it's usual place?? Eeeee..buduhnya!! >:(

August 30, 2010

Can I have a moment of silence, please?

I need to mourn for all the things I have lost.

God, if this is Your way of communicating to me after all that I have prayed for...
I am listening!


(2 hours later)

I feel slightly better after saying a prayer and singing along with the radio right after.
Currently working on a custom blog request for a client:

Fun! Fun! Fun! :D

August 29, 2010

Short Sunday Report :P

We managed to rise early just in time for the 11am mass at the Church of Divine Mercy today. For the first time (in many months), Bunny did not fall asleep during the sermon. lol. Well today's sermon was about pride and humility. Twas a very good sermon, I'd say!

Right after church, we went for lunch at one of the restaurant in Shah Alam. Too crowded! I queued for about 15 mins just to get my nasi ayam - but it was sooo worth it. Sangat sedap oh rasa dia! By the way, my bestie, Tess joined us later on. She was at the church as well. Hmm. A change for the good is happening? I hope...

We also went for a movie at Times Square today (since my brother had to stop over for his new keyboard). We watched The Expendables. Quite an interesting movie. Banyak adegan hancur kepala, tikam leher etc. -_- But there's also quite a few funny dialogue and scene, especially the part where Arnold Schwarzenegger rejected the job offer and Bruce Willis asked, "What's his problem?" to which Sylvester Stallone answered, "He's running for President." LOL!

After all the church, shopping and movie, we reached home about 7PM. Since everyone was too tired to cook, we end up eating simple and quick food - Spaghetti Carbonara - prepared by yours truly, of course. ;D

Well that's about how I spend my Sunday. I hope yours is as superb as mine too. :P

August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jaya!

It's my fiancé's birthday today, and to mark his special day, I made a quick change on my blog template from this:

to the current look you're looking at now. :D

Just a minor change on the background and some images - which took me about 4 or 5 hours to get it done! *phew* How do you like the new look? More matured lah kunun bah kan? Hahahaha.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, darling Jaya!! May you be blessed with abundance of joy, peace & wealth (hihihi) always.

I love you!

I love you!

I love you!

June 7, 2010

i'm back

in KL.

to work.


(posting this from the office. lol)

May 28, 2010

heading to miri tomorrow

Now that the long holidays have finally hit Malaysia, most city dwellers have been going out of the city to a more relaxing place – my brother, in this case, he went to Tioman with his friends. As for my Bunny and I, we’ll be heading to Miri for Gawai early tomorrow morning.

We haven’t even started packing yet, nor did we completed our shopping list of things to buy for Gawai celebration. Can you imagine the rush?

Well I guess my brother was rushing yesterday too, because I think he brought the key to the balcony door – because it’s missing and I couldn’t find it anywhere at home!

Some of the clothes hanging outside on the balcony were clothes that we wanted to take with us to Sarawak – especially them jeans and my inner clothes!

Well ..looks like we’re gonna have to be creative in getting the clothes. We might have to use a pole to pull them back to the door and kasi masuk through the lubang. Aww..

May 23, 2010

i'm tired but i'm happy

Bunny and I went for a haircut tonight. Bunny's hair is just slightly below shoulder length now.. but at least it's still long lah. :D Potong rambut untuk berGawai bah. Hihihihihi!

Anyway, gotta stop posting for now. Has been out of the house since morning and I'm tired sudah ni. Gonna take shower and then watch some DVD with Bunny (hopefully we don't fall asleep while watching!)

May 15, 2010

a night to remember

(disclaimer: the title above has got nothing to do with what i'm about to post over here. it was made out of sukahati semata-mata)

Just finished working on a client's custom blog design today. FINALLY after a month working on it! Now I just gotta sit back and wait for her final input - in case she needs some stuff to add/edit.

*fingers cross* that she will accept the design as it is. *hee*

By the way, the illustration to the left has got nothing to do with the client's new custom blog design. Ini adalah untuk tujuan hiasan semata-mata. lol

Anyway, I like that butt. It reminds me of my own fat butt and how I need to exercise more and eat less rice and sugar (if possible).


And oh.. since I've been working on custom blog design for a client lately, I'm beginning to think that my blog skin needs some revamp too! Yeah.. I'm starting to get tired of this green theme already. Maybe it's time to think of some new look..

Anyway, (wow, how many times did I used "anyway"??) going off to 7-E with the fiancé and my brother. We're gonna have our late night Slurpeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

P/S I just noticed. It's only 10:41PM?! I tot it's midnight already....

UPDATE: Brother's gf just called. We're going yumcha instead. "Ada ABC sana tu", said my brother. Yay.

May 6, 2010

You're Hired!






P/S Since this job is a 5 days a week job, I decided to continue doing my freelance graphic/blog design. I can still do it on weekdays! :D

Thank you for all your prayers!!! *hugs*

April 30, 2010


Oh, where do I start?

There are so many things I'd like to tell you. Let's start off with the bad news.

The Bad News

My fiance have this friend who's into rock kapak band. He loves going for their concerts - and being one of my fiance's good friend, he'd normally asked us to tag along for these concerts. In fact, we joined him for Search's last concert in August 1st last year. Of course, we got free tickets from a friend who worked in Celcom. :P

This year, there'll be another Search concert. Only this time, they'll be combining with Wings for the Double Trouble concert. As usual, this friend would call my fiance up.

Friend: Nak pergi konsert Double Trouble tak?

Fiance: Kalau ada free ticket, boleh jugak.

(10 minutes later)

Friend: Dah ada tiket. RM70 seorang. Aku dah beli.

Fiance: ....

Note: Aku dah beli. That wasn't FREE ticket! And RM70 x 2 = RM140!!

RM140 wasted on a concert that we're not even excited to go!! My fiance even complained on the phone to me, saying, "I'd rather spend that money on buying your clothes!" (which I will explain why in my later post)

So the bad news is: we'll be wasting RM140 on tickets to a rock kapak band concert. WTF

Now let's go on to the good news.

The Good News

We're going shopping this weekend! YAY!!!!!!! Bunny promised to buy me new clothes for my upcoming job interview. :D

You see, I have TWO job interviews coming up this Monday - and I am all excited about it! It's always nice to have options in life bah, kan? Reason why I don't mind going for both interviews on the same day. One in the morning and another in the noon. Sioknya.

Let us all join together in hands and start praying for me, ok? lol. Because you see, I'm starting to get tired of working from home. I intend to go out and start having colleagues once again. I've been doing this work from home job for the past 3 years. The income is great, but I'd love to be in an office with more people to talk to. I kinda miss office life bah...

So yeah. Pray for me, ok? :P

Before I end this post, I want to show you my current addiction to makanan budak-budak:

Please ignore the bad picture quality. Twas taken with my icky mobile phone. Miskin bah.. can't afford to buy iPhone yet.

Anyway, if you haven't tried those biscuits yet.. you're missing out on makanan yang sangat sedap. YOU SHOULD TRY IT!!!! I know they're quite high in calories lah but trust me, it's worth the try! :D

Well ok, gotta stop typing now. Gotta get myself ready for the week's last cardio exercise.

Toodles everyone!
(as if I have readers in this blog


Err..not really that recent lah, but this was my latest design work for a very nice lady with the name of Cath.

You can view the design at her blog: Cake By Cath

March 23, 2010


This is my recent blog design for a nice lady with the name of Ling from Ling In De House.

I hope you like it! :)

Oh, I'm also thinking of changing my blog layout in Forever Tulip. It's rather old and I'm getting quite sick of it already - but ideas just won't come. *sigh* Can you think of any?

January 20, 2010

aku sangat sibuk bah

No, I did not abandon this blog. It's just that I was really, really busy.. like reeeeeeally busy. Let's see:

i. We shifted to another place
ii. I have A LOT of assignments and work to do

Oh yes, news of the century. I got engaged! LOL

Life as a newly-engaged couple? AWESOME! Tho it's still a bit weird calling him 'fiance'.
Just wait till it's time to call him my 'husband'. That would be even weirder. Hah!