May 28, 2010

heading to miri tomorrow

Now that the long holidays have finally hit Malaysia, most city dwellers have been going out of the city to a more relaxing place – my brother, in this case, he went to Tioman with his friends. As for my Bunny and I, we’ll be heading to Miri for Gawai early tomorrow morning.

We haven’t even started packing yet, nor did we completed our shopping list of things to buy for Gawai celebration. Can you imagine the rush?

Well I guess my brother was rushing yesterday too, because I think he brought the key to the balcony door – because it’s missing and I couldn’t find it anywhere at home!

Some of the clothes hanging outside on the balcony were clothes that we wanted to take with us to Sarawak – especially them jeans and my inner clothes!

Well ..looks like we’re gonna have to be creative in getting the clothes. We might have to use a pole to pull them back to the door and kasi masuk through the lubang. Aww..


  1. Hi Jane, you have fun and watch out for that Tuak drink, ha ha.
    Best regards and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. Oh no! Did you managed to pry open the balcony door?

    How's gawai celebration? Hope you had fun!