July 31, 2011

here comes the weekend (again)

So my last post was made last Sunday. Exactly a week ago. Eww.. I am getting lazier by day when it comes to blog posting. Or blog hopping. I guess the blog mojo has left the building. However, in order to provide my future generation some reading pleasure, I vow to make at least one post per week.

So I just did yoga this morning. My mind wasn't really focusing at the "eye point" and the Ujjayi breathing was made short. Instead of 5, I think I was breathing like once or twice per pose. Well blame it on the movie Bunny's watching! He was watching the stupid but funny movie - Your Highness - so I was in between folding myself and watching at the same time.

Yes, I am practicing my yoga once again..after soooooo many years. I can hardly do some of the poses nowadays.. but for slimming health purpose, I am willing to start all over again. I am taking very less carb nowadays too. Yay for me! :D

However (didn't I just used that word not so long ago??) I am still fat lah... And you know why?

Coz I am always hungry..... :(

P/S We just got some new pets in the form of a cat and 3 kittens!!! :D But I'm gonna talk about it some other time. Too lazy to post lah.. I wanna go out and get me some breakfast/lunch/dinner!

July 24, 2011

my weekend is finally here!

For some, their weekend started yesterday (Saturday), but for a person who works on Saturdays as well, my weekend just started. So.. yay! :D

I watched my long abandoned Desperate Housewives show while the fiance watches some Russian movie (God knows what that movie is about..). I also took some time to go through my Facebook and left some birthday wishes for my friends.

And then I went though my old posts in this blog.....


I realized that I have a few emotional posts. Posts that could either humor me or just make me wonder if I was really that sad/emotional before? Of course, I understand that I was being so emotional about the passing of my dear dog, BonBon (I still couldn't utter his name without having that hurtful feeling in my chest to this day) but being sad about going back to Sabah for Christmas??!! Man, I'd slap myself if I could go back to that day and see myself posting that! If you ask me now, I'd trade ANYTHING just to get a chance to move back to Sabah to be close to my family.

Oh shit, just talking about my family gives me the emotional feeling once again. lol. So before I start saying things that I will regret in the future (for posting it over here, I mean).. I better get to bed. In fact, the fiance is not even watching the movie anymore. The TV is watching him instead!

Good morning everyone. I'm gonna hit the sack! (literally)

July 21, 2011

Sweating it out

Gonna do the lunges today. Hopefully it'll burn some calories off.. :D

July 16, 2011


My last post was dated sometime in September last year. Good gracious me, LAST YEAR! And of course, I have no other excuses for the delayed or abandoning of blog posts but to say that I have been really busy.

I got a job, I quit a job, and then I got another job... I work at night now. So it's only fair to say that I needed all the mornings for my rest, to sleep and gain my strength again. And like most people who works at night, I gained weight. Like lots of weight from late night supper with my friends and lack of exercise in the day. Sucks, I'd say. Just yesterday, a friend whom I've never seen for about 5 months came over for a visit asked if I was pregnant!

So here I am, again. Back to starting my daily exercise. I did a few rounds of cardio this afternoon followed by some weight lifting. Sweat like a pig I did. Hopefully I'd shed a lot of weight soon because I am so tired of people reminding me of how fat I've grown!

But on the bright side, I finally got myself a Coach Poppy! :D

Happy! Happy! Happy!