July 31, 2011

here comes the weekend (again)

So my last post was made last Sunday. Exactly a week ago. Eww.. I am getting lazier by day when it comes to blog posting. Or blog hopping. I guess the blog mojo has left the building. However, in order to provide my future generation some reading pleasure, I vow to make at least one post per week.

So I just did yoga this morning. My mind wasn't really focusing at the "eye point" and the Ujjayi breathing was made short. Instead of 5, I think I was breathing like once or twice per pose. Well blame it on the movie Bunny's watching! He was watching the stupid but funny movie - Your Highness - so I was in between folding myself and watching at the same time.

Yes, I am practicing my yoga once again..after soooooo many years. I can hardly do some of the poses nowadays.. but for slimming health purpose, I am willing to start all over again. I am taking very less carb nowadays too. Yay for me! :D

However (didn't I just used that word not so long ago??) I am still fat lah... And you know why?

Coz I am always hungry..... :(

P/S We just got some new pets in the form of a cat and 3 kittens!!! :D But I'm gonna talk about it some other time. Too lazy to post lah.. I wanna go out and get me some breakfast/lunch/dinner!

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