July 24, 2011

my weekend is finally here!

For some, their weekend started yesterday (Saturday), but for a person who works on Saturdays as well, my weekend just started. So.. yay! :D

I watched my long abandoned Desperate Housewives show while the fiance watches some Russian movie (God knows what that movie is about..). I also took some time to go through my Facebook and left some birthday wishes for my friends.

And then I went though my old posts in this blog.....


I realized that I have a few emotional posts. Posts that could either humor me or just make me wonder if I was really that sad/emotional before? Of course, I understand that I was being so emotional about the passing of my dear dog, BonBon (I still couldn't utter his name without having that hurtful feeling in my chest to this day) but being sad about going back to Sabah for Christmas??!! Man, I'd slap myself if I could go back to that day and see myself posting that! If you ask me now, I'd trade ANYTHING just to get a chance to move back to Sabah to be close to my family.

Oh shit, just talking about my family gives me the emotional feeling once again. lol. So before I start saying things that I will regret in the future (for posting it over here, I mean).. I better get to bed. In fact, the fiance is not even watching the movie anymore. The TV is watching him instead!

Good morning everyone. I'm gonna hit the sack! (literally)


  1. LOL yes! That's my sarong "buruk". He seemed to like it as well :P