October 30, 2013

October 19, 2013

Washi Obsession

Nobody probably know this (chewah, mcm la aku ni famous sangat that people would know anything about me :P) ... but I am a washi tape obsessed girl. Yes, I love washi tapes. I don't mind spending all my hard-earned money on those tapes...just to satisfy my washi needs. :(

For those of you who's not familiar with the word 'washi tape' - well, they are masking tapes made out of rice paper, originated from Japan. They serve like masking tapes juga, but they are so much prettier and comes in many colors! You can just peel them off, stick them, write on them, tear them.. whatever you feel like doing with them lah. He he he

So back to my obsession. Here's part of my washi tape collection:

Uhm, like I said.. that's just part of my collection. I still have like 2 boxes of washi tapes yang I still haven't found a place to store/display them. I am in dire need of a washi tape storage lah... but where can I find one? Kaison's not helping much. The wooden boxes are just too small to fit ALL my tapes. :/

What do you think? Cute kan washi tapes? :D

If you ask me, these would be my favorite:

I know they're not pink (as some of you might know how obsessed I am with pink) .. but I really like them! I find myself using these tapes more often as compared to the other tapes. I use them to wrap gifts, I used them for sticking papers/plastic together, I used them on my tealight candles ... I use them a lot lah! :D

Well, if you're interested to get your hands on washi tapes, I have some for sale on my Etsy store as well. Who knows, maybe you'd get obsessed like me as well? Ha ha ha

October 9, 2013

i am

// not dead

// i just have a sore throat