October 8, 2009

right here waiting

I waited for almost a month now. Am still waiting...

Gawd, when will this waiting game end?? I'm so tired of waiting and not knowing what it would be. It seems like the whole universe is teasing me. Even my daily horoscope has been giving me encouraging words that was so "make-believe" that gave me the feelings of, aahhh yes, it's finally coming! But at the end of the day? None. Nothing. Nada.

Today's horoscope is quite the opposite instead.

You may have an argument with a friend or companion today over a silly misunderstanding if you are not careful to pay attention to their moods. They seem to flutter from one emotional extreme to the other and it is hard for you to keep up.

Well, I AM having some sort of cold war with someone right now .. but not to the point of having an argument! Besides, it really doesn't answer my "waiting game".

I need an answer to my waiting. I want it now. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!