November 27, 2008

Am Loving It!

Got me a brand new pink shorts from Fat Face. *teehee*

Apart from the pink shorts someone got me from London last month, this would be my first purchase of PINK shorts. Normally I'd get those white or black ones. But I must say, I really LOVE this super comfy shorts! Despite being somewhat pricey (damnit, their stuff are really pricey here in Malaysia!), I am glad I got this shorts. And the scarf. Muahahaha! Must showoff scarf to mom come Christmas. :P

I'm gonna say it again. I love Fat Face's clothings. They're soooooooo pretty and cute! The men's collection are really not bad too.

Oh, I'm planning to buy their oh-so-super-cute shoes this weekend, if my cash transfer made it's way by this weekend. *fingers cross* Wish me luck!

November 26, 2008

i'm so corrupted

Geez, my friend had been browsing his computer looking for songs to be made into ringing tone in his new cellphone. That fella has I dunno how many songs. Hundreds? Thousands? And when this one song of Michael Bolton came out (it was a slow song, can't remember the title. It's NOT "When A Man Loves A Woman"), I can't help but screamed:

"Gawd, that sounds like some p0rn music!"

"What p0rn??" came the cheeky reply.

"Ya la.. see how slow that song is. It's like some stupid slow sex is going on.."

..... *silence* .....

then suddenly..


God, I need to go for confession and cleanse myself. ¬¬

Tell Tommy I Miss Him

You have no idea how happy I was to have found this on YouTube!

Brings back so much memories .. back to my childhood days, singing along to the music played on the gramaphone.

Ahh.. such beautiful memories.. :)

November 23, 2008

here comes the weekend

Time to clean up my messy and dusty bedroom.

I'm starting from the dunny..

GAH! I hate being sick for 2 weeks. All I get is an uncleaned, messy bedroom!


November 22, 2008

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

I changed my blog's theme to Christmas today.

I'm quite happy with the new look. :o)

Oh.. I can't wait for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 20, 2008

Huzzah, Praise Ye Lord!

I feel quite healthy today, even danced to Shontelle's "T-Shirt" and singing outloud with Sinead's "Thank You" holding a glass full of milk! The joy of being healthy, I guess. Haha!

And oh, have I told you about my new violin? :P

I'm getting better with my violin playing by day. Muahahahaha am so excited about this!

OK gotta go. Cupcake waiting on my table. :D

November 16, 2008


It's been 6 days and I am still sick. Been spending my days watching Grey's Anatomy, Merlin, Dexter.. I can't remember what else.


I'm as good as dead.

November 10, 2008

oops, i did it again

I was already working halfway through my latest project when my "inner voice" told me to double check on the design requirement. So I did. I went through the particulars. Everything seems fine and according to what was required. And then the "inner voice" told me to refer to the old email from this client.

Kaboom! I found one very important request from her. It was her particular choice of color! I know she asked for a pink theme, but I totally forgot that she has a PARTICULAR pink...

This is the pink I've been working on:

And this is the particular pink she wanted:

*slaps own face*

Oh dear, my mistake! My mistake! Now I gotta start all over again. :(

Lesson: Always listen to your inner voice. LOL!

November 8, 2008


Gawd, I hate it when people cancel a plan last minute. I was supposed to have a girl's day out with a friend today - but when she never called me yesterday to confirm about the time we're supposed to meet, I knew there was something wrong. By midnight, she told me that the plan had to be postponed, or rather, cancelled. There was a change in her shift and she was to work today.

Damnit. Why can't people just stick to a plan. Worse, why can't they inform EARLIER if they couldn't make it?! *sigh* At times like this, I feel like using all the vocab I don't normally use within 2 miles from the church.

I was really looking forward to this meeting. Not for the shopping, but for the catching up.

F*ck la. Next time I don't wanna plan anything anymore.

November 5, 2008

putting on my thinking cap

I took some medications for my allergies last night and I fell asleep while watching Smallville. Those meds are sleep-inducing ones, kinda like sleeping pills. And I like! LOL

Anyway, woke up pretty late this morning, like 10:45AM! :O Brushed my teeth and went straight to check my email. Received a deposit payment from a customer and details of her blog designs, I quickly grabbed the wholemeal bread, made my breakfast and start scribbling a design for her while munching on them bread.

The rough design

I have a few design ideas but for the time being, I'm sticking to this one first. Let's see how it'll turn out soon. Wish me luck! :P

PS: Oh, I bought new bedroom slippers last Monday. Just wanna show you my new cupcake slippers. Haha!

November 1, 2008

and now, the time has come...

Today's All Saint's Day. We're off to Penampang later today to prepare for grandmama's "thanksgiving" tomorrow, which also happens to be All Soul's Day. Then the next day, Monday 3rd, I *might* be off flying somewhere..

I'm having mixed feelings about this. It's really hard leaving home once again, especially with that very sad look on Girly's face.. :(