November 26, 2008

i'm so corrupted

Geez, my friend had been browsing his computer looking for songs to be made into ringing tone in his new cellphone. That fella has I dunno how many songs. Hundreds? Thousands? And when this one song of Michael Bolton came out (it was a slow song, can't remember the title. It's NOT "When A Man Loves A Woman"), I can't help but screamed:

"Gawd, that sounds like some p0rn music!"

"What p0rn??" came the cheeky reply.

"Ya la.. see how slow that song is. It's like some stupid slow sex is going on.."

..... *silence* .....

then suddenly..


God, I need to go for confession and cleanse myself. ¬¬


  1. Wahahahahaa....your thoughts are tooo far beyond imagination.

  2. hey,try this...

    100 g melted butter(for base)
    150 g crushed crackers (for base)
    1kg cream cheese
    300 g caster sugar
    1 tspoon vanilla essence
    5 egss
    2 tbspoon flour
    sprinkle choc chips on top before baking

    bake 150 for 1 hour. Chill overnight.

  3. Thanks Ida! Will try this one soon (and probably post pics of it here, kalau menjadi lah my work. haha)

    Thanks again, sweetie!