November 8, 2008


Gawd, I hate it when people cancel a plan last minute. I was supposed to have a girl's day out with a friend today - but when she never called me yesterday to confirm about the time we're supposed to meet, I knew there was something wrong. By midnight, she told me that the plan had to be postponed, or rather, cancelled. There was a change in her shift and she was to work today.

Damnit. Why can't people just stick to a plan. Worse, why can't they inform EARLIER if they couldn't make it?! *sigh* At times like this, I feel like using all the vocab I don't normally use within 2 miles from the church.

I was really looking forward to this meeting. Not for the shopping, but for the catching up.

F*ck la. Next time I don't wanna plan anything anymore.

1 comment:

  1. I'm right there with you. I hate it when they do not call at all. Blah! People.