November 5, 2008

putting on my thinking cap

I took some medications for my allergies last night and I fell asleep while watching Smallville. Those meds are sleep-inducing ones, kinda like sleeping pills. And I like! LOL

Anyway, woke up pretty late this morning, like 10:45AM! :O Brushed my teeth and went straight to check my email. Received a deposit payment from a customer and details of her blog designs, I quickly grabbed the wholemeal bread, made my breakfast and start scribbling a design for her while munching on them bread.

The rough design

I have a few design ideas but for the time being, I'm sticking to this one first. Let's see how it'll turn out soon. Wish me luck! :P

PS: Oh, I bought new bedroom slippers last Monday. Just wanna show you my new cupcake slippers. Haha!


  1. its about time you get new shoes~! haha... end of the year is coming, christmas is near... new year is near... and my bday too~! kakakakakaka
    skechers have some nice female sneakers... remember to let me know which one you bought ya...

    get it because of the cupcake~! kakakaka

  2. Oh yes, it's almost that time of the year again. Buying new shoes for Christmas is a good excuse. :D

    Will let you know which one I got when I got it. :P

    Your birthday coming up ar? Hmm.. I better hide loh like that. LOL