April 28, 2009

curious case of stu hamm & bunny

I've posted this in my other blog, but since this is my "permanent blog" for my future generation to see, I'm gonna re-post it here. :D

WARNING: Might have excessive photos and Bunny loving

Last Saturday, Stuart Hamm - bassist of the famous Joe Satriani - was down in KL for a Bass clinic and I was lucky enough to tag along with Bunny right from the sound check moment to the end of the show. Wait, there’s more: I was seated at the very front seat. Woohoo!!

Here’s some photos for you Stu Hamm fans to gloat on people who didn’t get the chance to attend this awesome show. ^_^

View from inside the Panggung Bandaraya. Beautiful, isn't it?

The man himself, STU HAMM! (He was AWESOME!)

"I started playing when I got a bass guitar for Christmas back when I was 13.."

Bunny and his friend gets to jam with Stu Hamm!! :D

A closer look

...of my Bunny

Bunny again

More Bunny! (Sorry can't help it. I love that man to pieces. *heehee*)

Last one. I promise! :P

Stu was actually very pleased with Bunny’s playing, he gave him a bowing ovation during rehearsal!
(AND a thank you + praising email after!)

Finally, a pic of me and Bunny. Pardon him for the eyes. He likes to do that sometimes. -_-

Wokay, that's about all the photos I can share with you. I'm actually too lazy to edit, resize and upload the rest of it. Terlampau banyak bah! :P Besides, The Biggest Loser's on TV now and I don't wanna miss it. Must watch to give myself some encouragement to lose weight before going to Sarawak again next month - only this time, I'm meeting the future in-laws - It's gonna be a double celebration - Pesta Gawai and Meet the In-Laws. LOL!

Have a blessed day, everyone! :D

April 15, 2009

love love love

You know that he's THE ONE when he said:

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you..
I want to grow old with you."

:D :D :D

April 13, 2009

i might not survive - this time around

Why does the heart desires what the heart couldn't get...?

.. I've been staring at my computer for about half an hour, trying to get the stuff out of my head into writings. Maybe, just maybe, if I write it out, I'd feel much better...

Have you ever felt like you're about to burst into a thousand pieces just because you couldn't express what's really on your mind? Or you're just too broken that the only thing that comes to mind was death?

You want to run away from the things that hurt you most, yet, you couldn't.

You want to shout out to the world that you're dying inside, slowly, yet, your voice is silent.

Knowing something is wrong somewhere hurts.. but finding out the truth kills..

I really think that I'm slowly dying inside. Soon enough, the outer part of me will follow suit.

April 3, 2009

i will survive

In case you're wondering, no, I didn't die. I'm still alive and am surviving this cruel world. Heheheh... :P

Actually, not this cruel world la.. more like the cruel weather. It's freaking hot these days, I'm melting like cheese. The heat is so intense, it feels like I'm a witch burning on a haystack. Panas nak mampus, I tell you!


I'm trying to stay positive and not throwing my anger tantrum everywhere. I'm trying to calm myself down by eating ABC today. Hummmm.... very nice, I tell you! Cold, sweet ABC, totally something that could calm you down on a hot, sunny day like this.

By the way, tomorrow is Bunny and I's 3rd month anniversary. Heehee.. :P Nothing grand lah, but we're celebrating it by going for a movie - and the best part is, I get to choose what movie I want! YAY! Thank you, Bunny... You're such a sweet darling! :P

OK lah, I don't wanna make you people puke with my lovestory (hehe). Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your loved ones. I know I will, because I have an anniversary this weekend! Haha!

OHHHH before I forget... I have a job interview this Sunday. Could you kind people please, please maybe say a prayer for me.. or at least a wish of good luck? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance. God only can repay you for your kindness. :D

Take care!