April 3, 2009

i will survive

In case you're wondering, no, I didn't die. I'm still alive and am surviving this cruel world. Heheheh... :P

Actually, not this cruel world la.. more like the cruel weather. It's freaking hot these days, I'm melting like cheese. The heat is so intense, it feels like I'm a witch burning on a haystack. Panas nak mampus, I tell you!


I'm trying to stay positive and not throwing my anger tantrum everywhere. I'm trying to calm myself down by eating ABC today. Hummmm.... very nice, I tell you! Cold, sweet ABC, totally something that could calm you down on a hot, sunny day like this.

By the way, tomorrow is Bunny and I's 3rd month anniversary. Heehee.. :P Nothing grand lah, but we're celebrating it by going for a movie - and the best part is, I get to choose what movie I want! YAY! Thank you, Bunny... You're such a sweet darling! :P

OK lah, I don't wanna make you people puke with my lovestory (hehe). Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your loved ones. I know I will, because I have an anniversary this weekend! Haha!

OHHHH before I forget... I have a job interview this Sunday. Could you kind people please, please maybe say a prayer for me.. or at least a wish of good luck? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance. God only can repay you for your kindness. :D

Take care!


  1. good luck 4 your interview..god bless..amen.... :-)

  2. happy 3rd month anniversary!
    all the best for the interview. :)

  3. i'll pray for u... good luck & happy anniversary!