April 28, 2009

curious case of stu hamm & bunny

I've posted this in my other blog, but since this is my "permanent blog" for my future generation to see, I'm gonna re-post it here. :D

WARNING: Might have excessive photos and Bunny loving

Last Saturday, Stuart Hamm - bassist of the famous Joe Satriani - was down in KL for a Bass clinic and I was lucky enough to tag along with Bunny right from the sound check moment to the end of the show. Wait, there’s more: I was seated at the very front seat. Woohoo!!

Here’s some photos for you Stu Hamm fans to gloat on people who didn’t get the chance to attend this awesome show. ^_^

View from inside the Panggung Bandaraya. Beautiful, isn't it?

The man himself, STU HAMM! (He was AWESOME!)

"I started playing when I got a bass guitar for Christmas back when I was 13.."

Bunny and his friend gets to jam with Stu Hamm!! :D

A closer look

...of my Bunny

Bunny again

More Bunny! (Sorry can't help it. I love that man to pieces. *heehee*)

Last one. I promise! :P

Stu was actually very pleased with Bunny’s playing, he gave him a bowing ovation during rehearsal!
(AND a thank you + praising email after!)

Finally, a pic of me and Bunny. Pardon him for the eyes. He likes to do that sometimes. -_-

Wokay, that's about all the photos I can share with you. I'm actually too lazy to edit, resize and upload the rest of it. Terlampau banyak bah! :P Besides, The Biggest Loser's on TV now and I don't wanna miss it. Must watch to give myself some encouragement to lose weight before going to Sarawak again next month - only this time, I'm meeting the future in-laws - It's gonna be a double celebration - Pesta Gawai and Meet the In-Laws. LOL!

Have a blessed day, everyone! :D


  1. yooohooo!!..so lucky la u Jaya...jamm with the international misician..i hope can do something like that as well..hik3..need to improve my playing.....

  2. Wah, I finally get to see you with your Bunny!! Nice :D