May 12, 2009

my bunny cooks

Yes, it seems that in my "new family" someday, the men would be doing the cooking. (my husband and sons) LOL!

That's my Bunny cooking above. For he so love cooking, he even made a pack with me that when we have our own family someday (as in dah kahwin and beranak-pinak lah.. hehe) HE will be doing all the cooking. And I kid you not!! :D

Now can you imagine your husband saying that to you? Must be a dream come true, right? LOL

And just to make sure Bunny sticks to his word, I think I'm gonna draft a paper about it and make him SIGN it - in case he complains someday that I didn't prepare him lunch or dinner.



  1. Oh is true .Guess what...i usually cooks for my family. Cheers!

  2. just like me..always cooks my Nasi Goreng Rock..hahaha

  3. lucky lucky u to have someone who likes & can cook! im green with envy.

  4. Willie - Really?! Ohh.. your family must be very happy, especially the Mrs.!! :D

    Toyong - Ohhh.. mesti try ko punya Nasi Goreng Rock ni bila aku balik kampung, ok? :P

    Nieza - Aww... :P

  5. Punya untung ko cindy!!!! He's definitely for KEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sharon - *heehee* Ya bah kan? And I'm definitely keeping him! :D