May 28, 2010

heading to miri tomorrow

Now that the long holidays have finally hit Malaysia, most city dwellers have been going out of the city to a more relaxing place – my brother, in this case, he went to Tioman with his friends. As for my Bunny and I, we’ll be heading to Miri for Gawai early tomorrow morning.

We haven’t even started packing yet, nor did we completed our shopping list of things to buy for Gawai celebration. Can you imagine the rush?

Well I guess my brother was rushing yesterday too, because I think he brought the key to the balcony door – because it’s missing and I couldn’t find it anywhere at home!

Some of the clothes hanging outside on the balcony were clothes that we wanted to take with us to Sarawak – especially them jeans and my inner clothes!

Well ..looks like we’re gonna have to be creative in getting the clothes. We might have to use a pole to pull them back to the door and kasi masuk through the lubang. Aww..

May 23, 2010

i'm tired but i'm happy

Bunny and I went for a haircut tonight. Bunny's hair is just slightly below shoulder length now.. but at least it's still long lah. :D Potong rambut untuk berGawai bah. Hihihihihi!

Anyway, gotta stop posting for now. Has been out of the house since morning and I'm tired sudah ni. Gonna take shower and then watch some DVD with Bunny (hopefully we don't fall asleep while watching!)

May 15, 2010

a night to remember

(disclaimer: the title above has got nothing to do with what i'm about to post over here. it was made out of sukahati semata-mata)

Just finished working on a client's custom blog design today. FINALLY after a month working on it! Now I just gotta sit back and wait for her final input - in case she needs some stuff to add/edit.

*fingers cross* that she will accept the design as it is. *hee*

By the way, the illustration to the left has got nothing to do with the client's new custom blog design. Ini adalah untuk tujuan hiasan semata-mata. lol

Anyway, I like that butt. It reminds me of my own fat butt and how I need to exercise more and eat less rice and sugar (if possible).


And oh.. since I've been working on custom blog design for a client lately, I'm beginning to think that my blog skin needs some revamp too! Yeah.. I'm starting to get tired of this green theme already. Maybe it's time to think of some new look..

Anyway, (wow, how many times did I used "anyway"??) going off to 7-E with the fiancé and my brother. We're gonna have our late night Slurpeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

P/S I just noticed. It's only 10:41PM?! I tot it's midnight already....

UPDATE: Brother's gf just called. We're going yumcha instead. "Ada ABC sana tu", said my brother. Yay.

May 6, 2010

You're Hired!






P/S Since this job is a 5 days a week job, I decided to continue doing my freelance graphic/blog design. I can still do it on weekdays! :D

Thank you for all your prayers!!! *hugs*