December 25, 2008

merry christmas!

To all my family, friends and readers (both silent readers and commenting readers).

May you have a blessed Christmas filled with joy, hope and love - I know I got it this year! :D I am overjoyed, my hopes have come true .. and I'm in love! What more can I ask, right? *teehee*

Oh, I took a lot of photos today, but I'll only share it with you some other time. I am really, really tired now. Look at the time : It's 5:00AM!

I'm gonna hit the sack. You have a merry one, ya? :D

December 23, 2008

home is where the heart is

The one thing I love about being back home is that - I get to sleep on my own bed. I get to wake up to the loud, blasting sound from my dad's radio early in the morning. I get to eat breakfast every morning. I get pampered like a small girl I was.. *hee*

We finally did the Christmas tree last night. Me and my brother. Took us almost 3 hours (or more) because we were too lazy.. in fact, one of us managed to take a nap while working on the tree! LOL! The tree didn't turned out as pretty as we've planned.. but boleh lah, kampung-kampung. Ha! Ha! Ha!

And speaking of kampung, oohh have I mentioned how I LOVE being back in kampung (village)?

This is me, early morning yesterday, enjoying the beautiful green scenery with Girly.
(Photo was taken by my brother, through the bamboo blind - which explains the "blurness")

It's calming and peaceful being back home. Really. You city people should try living in the kampung once a while. :P

December 21, 2008

'flowering heart' (hati berbunga)

Ohh.. I'm definitely IN LOVE! :P

I feel like a schoolgirl once again. *teehee*

December 19, 2008

the grass is really green over this side

I'm posting this from home. Back home at my parents' place in SABAH!! :D

And yes, the grass is so much greener over here compared to the ones I had back in KL. LOL. But er.. it's been raining cats and dogs since the day I arrived - last Wednesday - only this time, it wasn't caused by my laundry cleaning. It's the rainy season over here. :P

What I love about being home is not only I get to see my parents and spend time with them (and nice home-cooked meal by mommy), I also get to see our pet dogs - which I treat them like my own siblings!

This is Girly, she was having fever when this photo was taken. :(

We have another dog, BonBon. He's currently sick too.. he's lost a lot of weight, it makes me sad whenever I pat his head and back. But I'm pretty sure he's gonna make it. All he need is our continuous love and support, and of course, medicine! :P

Oh, I also baked some Christmas cookies this afternoon. I don't know what that cookie's called, it was an experimental cookie. Hahaha. It's not done yet tho. I still need to buy cooking chocolate tomorrow to dip them cookies into it. The ones I had (cooking choc) in the fridge turned out to be.. uhm, not that good. It won't melt no matter how long I steam it!

Hmm.. what else to say?

Oh yeah. I'm missing someone today. Like REALLY miss that person, I wish I could fly over and meet him. *hee* Does this mean I'm in love? I don't know.. It's too early to say. :P

OK, that's about it for my report of the day. Talk to you again soon!

December 15, 2008

what day is this?

Today's officially my lazy day. Or my pissed off day. Or just my lazy day.

Oh yeah, I really am lazy. It's totally LAZY DAY today. I'm too lazy to chat on YM. I'm too lazy to play with my pet on Pet Society (Facebook). I'm too lazy to reply text messages on my cellphone. I'm too lazy to get dress and get out to get my Christmas shopping done. I'm too lazy to get out my PJs!

But if there's one thing I'm not lazy to do today is to complain and get pissed at how one of my roomie love using MY THINGS for her own pleasure.

You see, I don't mind sharing my things with people. I don't mind sharing my food with you if you're hungry. Heck, I even share my food with the stray dogs and cats whenever they came over to where I was seated. I don't mind sharing my expensive shampoo or expensive shower gel - because I know it smells good and you probably couldn't afford that luxury - I couldn't afford it too, but I saved my money to get that.

But I mind people USING my hanger to dry their laundry!

Seriously... for hygienic purpose, I REALLY, REALLY do mind sharing my hanger and stuff at the laundry area. I mean, can't you even afford to buy cheap hangers? SERIOUSLY?!! Or do I need to TELL you that you need to buy your own hanger?? Geez, even my other roomie knows that he needs to buy his OWN hanger - I didn't even have to ask him!

I've been nice enough to let you use my drying place (I don't know what you call that thing you hang your hanger and clothes on to dry them outside) that when I needed them to hang my own clothes, I'll just move your clothes THAT WAS USING MY HANGER to the other side. Yet, you still don't get the clue.

Well I'll tell you this once (when you come back home later) to get your own hanger. The next time I dry my laundry and see you're still using my hanger, I might throw your clothes on the floor.

You're still welcome to use my "drying place" tho.

December 14, 2008

saturday night fever

yes, I think I caught up with cold from last night's partying. we partied under the rain (with a canvas on our head, of course).. but the numerous trip to the dunny made us walk right under the rain.

Nevertheless, it was fun! I'm glad I made it to the partay and met up with a few great and interesting bloggers (and some aspiring bloggers). WOOHOO!!

Some of the first batch of attendees. Fun! Fun!

My bestie, Tess, happily munching on some fried chicken, her sister Ave talking about something that obviously made me laugh while eating fries.

Tess trying out my beer with me making a silly face

Wokay, that's about all the photos I could share with you. Do browse around the Sabahan (KL based) bloggers blog for more photos. You might find more interesting pics. :)

December 13, 2008


Meeting Tess later today.

If she couldn't make it AGAIN, I'm gonna kill her.

Hah! :P

December 11, 2008

wake me up when september ends

Sorry for the lame title. I actually couldn't think of one because I just got out of bed - masih blur-blur ni. I should be sleeping still right now, if it wasn't for Tess who rang my phone! Eeee! What's with people calling at odd hours, disturbing my precious sleep?!! And the worse part was, I was in the middle of a sweet dream!!!!!!!!


(5 minutes of silence)

I swear I wanted to tell you something when I started this post, but now... I can't remember what it was. *sigh*

Anyway, I just want to publish my latest blog design that I did for a client/friend. Uhm.. actually not THAT recent - because it's been over 2 weeks since this design went live (and I forgot to announce it. heh) but heck, I still wanna show you (especially YOU, my future child, grandchild, great-grandchild dan semua yang sewaktu dengannya).

Design was made for Sherri of Hair Sugar

I hope you like it! :P

OK.. back to Facebooking. I have a pet to take care of in Pet Society. Muahahaha!

December 10, 2008

yatta!! (but not quite lah)

Man, this Christmas season really makes me lazy. I have been abandoning my blogs, my assignments.. even my blog design requests lately. In fact, I have rejected ALL blog design request this month because I wanted to fully concentrate on this month of Christmas. LOL!

Well, I've been busying myself with gift shopping with my brother. I'm glad to say that I'm finally done with gift shopping - now down to home deco and some extra clothes for myself. :P

Oh, yesterday was my roomie's birthday. I only found out after checking his Facebook in the noon. And it so happened that I just bought RM600+ worth of cake deco, so I made a quick decision to bake him a cake. By the way, in NO WAY am I saying I'm a good baker. (you'll know why)

After 6 hours of baking and crafting the fondant deco... it turned out that my cake was disastrous!!! From the moment I got it out of the pan, I KNEW there's something wrong with it. Upon tasting it, I could sadly say that the cake was edible.. but tasted like RUBBER.


Mind you, I was cursing and throwing stuff to let out my anger after wasting all those time for that stupid cake. I even called it "The f*cking cake". Really. It was THAT horrible. And just to soothe my angry self, I decided to go ahead and proceed with the deco - since I've already shaped the fondant!

This is the top part of the cake:

I hand-made all of these!

As for the rest of the cake... hmm... I think I'm not gonna show you lah. The cake's too horrible that no fondant nor icing could hide the flaws! :*(

I never showed the cake to my roomie. Well, I did told him about the cake and how horrible it turned out, but I never took it out of my room. I think I'm gonna keep it there for a while as a deco - or until I see some hungry stray dogs roaming in front of the house.

As for my roomie, I end up taking him to Baskin & Robbins so he could buy himself an ice-cream cake. Wahahaha!!

Bah! I'm still angry and sad, I think I'm gonna cry. :(

December 1, 2008

Happy December 1st!!!

Oh yeah, just 25 days more to Christmas.. and I can't wait!!!

I can't wait to meet my family. I can't wait to have Christmas dinner. I can't wait to unwrap the presents under the Christmas tree... and I can't wait for baby Jesus to be born again! ;D

Now.. this reminds me that I have Christmas presents to wrap before going back home soon. Hahaha!

P/S: I wonder if people actually remember that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ, NOT a holiday celebration that you celebrate for year end and New Year..