December 19, 2008

the grass is really green over this side

I'm posting this from home. Back home at my parents' place in SABAH!! :D

And yes, the grass is so much greener over here compared to the ones I had back in KL. LOL. But er.. it's been raining cats and dogs since the day I arrived - last Wednesday - only this time, it wasn't caused by my laundry cleaning. It's the rainy season over here. :P

What I love about being home is not only I get to see my parents and spend time with them (and nice home-cooked meal by mommy), I also get to see our pet dogs - which I treat them like my own siblings!

This is Girly, she was having fever when this photo was taken. :(

We have another dog, BonBon. He's currently sick too.. he's lost a lot of weight, it makes me sad whenever I pat his head and back. But I'm pretty sure he's gonna make it. All he need is our continuous love and support, and of course, medicine! :P

Oh, I also baked some Christmas cookies this afternoon. I don't know what that cookie's called, it was an experimental cookie. Hahaha. It's not done yet tho. I still need to buy cooking chocolate tomorrow to dip them cookies into it. The ones I had (cooking choc) in the fridge turned out to be.. uhm, not that good. It won't melt no matter how long I steam it!

Hmm.. what else to say?

Oh yeah. I'm missing someone today. Like REALLY miss that person, I wish I could fly over and meet him. *hee* Does this mean I'm in love? I don't know.. It's too early to say. :P

OK, that's about it for my report of the day. Talk to you again soon!


  1. yeah, when u think of that someone and missing him, something is definitely there. Merry Christmas !

  2. already in sabah pula...i thought you will be with Kay...hmm..wanna try your cookies..mana tau,ada rasa2 "Bintanok"..hahaha..

  3. abscence sure makes the heart grow fonder..;)
    anyways, Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh you're back in sabah? I hope u really enjoy the time u have there. A lovely dog u have too. Too bad it is sick.

    It's been raining without stop in our place too.