December 15, 2008

what day is this?

Today's officially my lazy day. Or my pissed off day. Or just my lazy day.

Oh yeah, I really am lazy. It's totally LAZY DAY today. I'm too lazy to chat on YM. I'm too lazy to play with my pet on Pet Society (Facebook). I'm too lazy to reply text messages on my cellphone. I'm too lazy to get dress and get out to get my Christmas shopping done. I'm too lazy to get out my PJs!

But if there's one thing I'm not lazy to do today is to complain and get pissed at how one of my roomie love using MY THINGS for her own pleasure.

You see, I don't mind sharing my things with people. I don't mind sharing my food with you if you're hungry. Heck, I even share my food with the stray dogs and cats whenever they came over to where I was seated. I don't mind sharing my expensive shampoo or expensive shower gel - because I know it smells good and you probably couldn't afford that luxury - I couldn't afford it too, but I saved my money to get that.

But I mind people USING my hanger to dry their laundry!

Seriously... for hygienic purpose, I REALLY, REALLY do mind sharing my hanger and stuff at the laundry area. I mean, can't you even afford to buy cheap hangers? SERIOUSLY?!! Or do I need to TELL you that you need to buy your own hanger?? Geez, even my other roomie knows that he needs to buy his OWN hanger - I didn't even have to ask him!

I've been nice enough to let you use my drying place (I don't know what you call that thing you hang your hanger and clothes on to dry them outside) that when I needed them to hang my own clothes, I'll just move your clothes THAT WAS USING MY HANGER to the other side. Yet, you still don't get the clue.

Well I'll tell you this once (when you come back home later) to get your own hanger. The next time I dry my laundry and see you're still using my hanger, I might throw your clothes on the floor.

You're still welcome to use my "drying place" tho.


  1. some people just dont get it.ignorant or just plain stupid..:|

  2. kau marah saja Cindy! PADULI DIAORANG!!

    sia pun terikut marah sudah ni.. isk isk isk.

  3. nieza - Indeed. Some people are just plain "blind" and stupid.

    papajoneh - Ya bah, nanti aku marah diorang!! Eee..!! Mau marah lagi aku balik ni!!

  4. Hai,aunt... Stupid oh..Why don't you take all the hanger? Susah oso kan hidup with other people...susah maw paham..hahaha kim salam sama mumy tawau tp skrg jd mumy kudat sudah.hehehe..Anyway where m xmas present?

  5. all black ah...mcm the crow pula..hehe

  6. wah...marh ko ni...who was you meant to??...hehe...sabar ja la...memang ada mcm2 jenis manusia di planet bumi yg fana ini,,hehe..SOUND!!..SOUND!!!..and..SOUND!! ja ba dorng..hehehe....tringat aku kes2 di hostel dulu..hehe

  7. ethel : mind if i said, u just give her knock on the head. or leave a note stated " use your own hanger please, or ur cloth might b throw away"

    i guarantee... she'll understand.

    eh.. she or he huh??

  8. g'gjosh - Dunno la. Maybe she thought I am supplying all the stuff for her. Grr..

    Toyong - Aiya, I been painting my nails hitam for like eternity sudah. Kau saja ndak perasan tu. Tu la.. everytime datang rumah jamming saja. Tak perasan pun my kuku yang cantik ittew! :P

    Signora Syima - Yeah, it's a "she". Good idea. I should leave her a note kan? :D