December 10, 2008

yatta!! (but not quite lah)

Man, this Christmas season really makes me lazy. I have been abandoning my blogs, my assignments.. even my blog design requests lately. In fact, I have rejected ALL blog design request this month because I wanted to fully concentrate on this month of Christmas. LOL!

Well, I've been busying myself with gift shopping with my brother. I'm glad to say that I'm finally done with gift shopping - now down to home deco and some extra clothes for myself. :P

Oh, yesterday was my roomie's birthday. I only found out after checking his Facebook in the noon. And it so happened that I just bought RM600+ worth of cake deco, so I made a quick decision to bake him a cake. By the way, in NO WAY am I saying I'm a good baker. (you'll know why)

After 6 hours of baking and crafting the fondant deco... it turned out that my cake was disastrous!!! From the moment I got it out of the pan, I KNEW there's something wrong with it. Upon tasting it, I could sadly say that the cake was edible.. but tasted like RUBBER.


Mind you, I was cursing and throwing stuff to let out my anger after wasting all those time for that stupid cake. I even called it "The f*cking cake". Really. It was THAT horrible. And just to soothe my angry self, I decided to go ahead and proceed with the deco - since I've already shaped the fondant!

This is the top part of the cake:

I hand-made all of these!

As for the rest of the cake... hmm... I think I'm not gonna show you lah. The cake's too horrible that no fondant nor icing could hide the flaws! :*(

I never showed the cake to my roomie. Well, I did told him about the cake and how horrible it turned out, but I never took it out of my room. I think I'm gonna keep it there for a while as a deco - or until I see some hungry stray dogs roaming in front of the house.

As for my roomie, I end up taking him to Baskin & Robbins so he could buy himself an ice-cream cake. Wahahaha!!

Bah! I'm still angry and sad, I think I'm gonna cry. :(


  1. well,at least ur intentions are gud & the top part looked cute..:)

  2. LOL, thanks Nieza. Yeah.. I intended to surprise him.. but.. oh well, maybe them stray dogs would be well-fed from this cake. :P

    Thanks for dropping by again. Tak tidur lagi ke??

  3. so.. tell me, why snail, mushroom and flower? should be a reason right? :)

  4. Abang Hajib, I wanted to create a garden themed cake.. that's why there's snail, mushrooms.. there's also a butterfly actually (but I didn't take the photo)

  5. I am thinking of making cake with fondant topping. Not so sure if I've got the art fingers doing so.

    I bet ur cake taste gud. The fondant was probably the problem to it. Though, the deco was kinda cute la!

    Practice make perfect maybe???

  6. Ahaks! You bake Cake? That's surprising. Anyway, at least you tried. And it's quite a money you spent there huh? MErry Christmas. Wish i have a roommate like you who can bake me cake. Hahaha

  7. Izana - The problem here is both the cake and the fondant. LOL! For some reason, my cake just turned horrible. It's probably because I was lacking ONE ingredient. Grrr... only ONE ingredient missing (because the ingredient mysteriously went missing from my cabinet) and it turned out ugly. As for the fondant covers, I think I made it too thin, hence, the cake was showing through it. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Oh well, practice makes perfect they say....

    Willie - Yes I bake! But am not a baker, nor do I bake good cake all the time. Sometimes it turned OK, sometimes YUMMY.. sometimes.. like this lah.. HORRIBLE! LOL

    Ala.. it's not all the time I bake for my roomie. Only once in a blue moon. Besides, I need to try out my new deco tools. Heheheh!

  8. try again dear.when i bake my first cake,memang disastrous.U will enjoy baking bila kek u menjadi kelak!

  9. Thanks, Ida. I Will keep trying and trying until my cake menjadi! Hahaha!

  10. Ala Ethel, at least the deco sangat lah cute ok. =) the taste boleh belakang kira. hehe