October 8, 2009

right here waiting

I waited for almost a month now. Am still waiting...

Gawd, when will this waiting game end?? I'm so tired of waiting and not knowing what it would be. It seems like the whole universe is teasing me. Even my daily horoscope has been giving me encouraging words that was so "make-believe" that gave me the feelings of, aahhh yes, it's finally coming! But at the end of the day? None. Nothing. Nada.

Today's horoscope is quite the opposite instead.

You may have an argument with a friend or companion today over a silly misunderstanding if you are not careful to pay attention to their moods. They seem to flutter from one emotional extreme to the other and it is hard for you to keep up.

Well, I AM having some sort of cold war with someone right now .. but not to the point of having an argument! Besides, it really doesn't answer my "waiting game".

I need an answer to my waiting. I want it now. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

September 23, 2009


Wahhh.. long time no post in here. :P

Life has gotten pretty busy for me lately that I hardly have time to post in my blogs or do my rounds of blog hopping. I know, I know.. I'm such a bad blogger. But if I had to choose between work ($$$) and blogging, I'd have to choose work, of course. That's what put foods in my mouth and pays for my shopping trip..

But anyho ho ho.. here's my latest project that I just finished working on last week:

This design is for a nice lady who loves things that are related to fairy-tales, magic and stuffs like that. She blogs in a blog called Magic of The Rainbow

As usual, I hope you'll like the design.. because I had so much fun creating them! :D

August 22, 2009


Hiya! A quick post to show you my latest project. :D

The Momster's Kitchen

Whaddaya think? I hope you'll like it as much as I enjoyed working on them! :D

August 19, 2009

fancy a fancy band aid?

About a couple of weeks ago, I accidentally got my finger cut by shattered glass. On the way to IKEA, I noticed that the band aid on my finger looked rather dirty and worn out, so I text my brother (who was at the Curve then) to get me some band aid. We were having lunch at IKEA when I gawked in surprise at the first sight of the band aid he got me.

"Wahhh... why so fancy one? Since when do we have striped band aid? Tigery stripe lagi tu.. macam Datin-Datin!"

"Err.. actually we have fancy band aid for quite some time already. There's other patterns too.."

"But Tiger stripes on my finger? Ishh.. bidanya!"

"OK wat.."

At this point, even Bunny agreed with my brother while he wrapped the band aid around my finger.

How come I've never seen one? All I have at home was the traditional band aid.


And nak dijadikan cerita, Bunny and I went to the pharmacy last Sunday to buy some handwash. And guess what?

I saw a collection of cute band aids!! This was one of my favorite:

Where have I been all these while?? How can I not notice these cuties??!!

Now I can't wait to have my fingers accidentally cut. I wanna wear those!!!!

August 15, 2009

silence is golden

Yesterday, I flatly denied my brother's offer for tickets to the MTV Asia Award - how crazy is that, denying FREE TICKETS to one of the most happening event in town??! - but yeah, I told him that Bunny and I couldn't make it due to the fact that Bunny had to work on Saturday (the event is today) and I wasn't really keen to attend an award that doesn't include Beyonce or Rihanna. lol

Truth be told, I was in between going and not. Deep down, I wanted to because I knew I deserve such a break from work as I've been working my ass off this week, trying to get my project done a.s.a.p. A night out with my brother and his partner to this event would be something fun. Something fresh. Something to get my mind off work.

I'm currently working on this project

..But on the other hand, I wasn't in the partying mood. There's just so many things running on my mind that I wish I could talk to someone about it. Knowing that I DO NOT actually have *someone* that I could really trust and talk to makes me feel pathetic. And lonely. It's not like I do not have a friend or a best friend. Or a boyfriend. Or a partner. I do. But the thing is, it's really hard for me to tell things, very personal things to others. I probably was born that way, hence I would normally talk to myself on the mirror sometimes.. just to get things out of my mind.

An ex once told me that I have built this "shell" outside me that I got too comfortable staying inside without anyone bothering me. He said that to really "get to me", one would have to break the "shell" and get me out of it. (I wonder if that's true...)

Anyway, I'm having a minor headache right now. I should get some rest and continue working on my design later. Just thinking of the word "WORK" on a weekend makes me sick. :(

UPDATE: Cheh.. it's not MTV Asia Award pulak. It's actually MTV Live Stage. LOL! But still.. according to my brother, it was HAPPENING! :P

August 12, 2009

mozad's farewell

Bunny and his band mates had a mini gig last Sunday as a way of saying goodbye to their fellow bassist, Mozad, who's migrating to Australia soon.. :(

These are the few of the many pics we took that night:

To Mozad: All the best in your new place, new life, new adventure. We love you! :D

August 11, 2009


I've been scribbling on the paper for a design since morning, yet, I still couldn't get the ONE perfect design! In fact, I've made 8 designs on the Photoshop but all ended up in the bin.

I was chatting with Bunny online this morning, complaining how uninspired I am.

ME: I'm so uninspired today!

HIM: Me too. No heart to play guitar and no inspirations at all.. I guess it's because we're not feeling well.

ME: Sia mau nangis sudah ni.. I can't think of a design! :(

HIM: Please don't be that depressed. Take a rest. Don't force yourself to do anything..

Yet I did. I forced myself to work.

And I came up with this one design...

I dislike it, by the way. There's just SOMETHING about it that doesn't go into my heart.

I don't know... maybe it's just me. Maybe it's my period.

Maybe I should stop designing altogether.

Or maybe I should just call it a day and start again when the period's done.

I'm definitely PMSing!

August 8, 2009


Yesterday noon, I was feeling well. By evening, I felt strange. Like my whole body just got really heavy that I was unable to carry myself. By night, I felt sick to my stomach... When I went to bed, I remember telling Bunny that my stomach felt funny. It wasn't the usual gastric. Bunny gave me a massage, telling me that it might be the weather. That everyone's pretty sick these days.

Middle of the night, I woke up, sat by the bed corner and cried silently.

"Kenapa, sayang? Are you ok, love?"

He must've noticed me.

"My stomach hurts real bad..."

That was all I could say before I sobbed like a lost child.
*sigh* (kes telampau manja bah ni)

Bunny woke up of course. Gave me a hug. He rubbed my stomach and did every possible thing to make me comfortable. Even went out to buy me bread and medicine. While he was out, I was throwing up like mad in the bathroom.. :(

Must be food poisoning ni..

I'm feeling slightly better this morning - tho I'm still throwing up and having this terrible stomachache. Noticed how pale I look in the photo? Itulah result dari muntah-muntah dan menangis satu malam. Ha ha ha! Oh, that's my favorite sarong, by the way. I'm a pure Sabahan girl and I love sarong! It reminds me so much of my grandmama and my kampung root. :D

Good thing also lah kena food poisoning ni. At least I could lose some weight from it... lol

August 7, 2009


My latest design work :D

Confession of The Borneo Coffee Junkies

I hope you'll like it!

OK, back to work for me now - I have crops to take care of in Facebook. LOL

August 6, 2009

i'm getting older

Last monday (August 3rd), I celebrated my *toot* birthday. (sorry, a girl doesn't tell her age. :P) And since my birthday falls on a monday (sigh).. I kinda celebrated it on Sunday with Bunny, my brother and a bunch of friends by having lunch at IKEA. Gawd, I LOVE them foods at IKEA! Especially that Chicken Leg set and the Prawn Salad. Ohhhhh.. just talking about it makes me drool!

And then after lunch, Bunny and I parted from the group and went furniture shopping. YAY! Finally got myself a brand new coffee table and a white drawer. So happy! :D

Speaking of my birthday, Bunny actually bought me a box of very cute looking cupcakes - he knows how much I love cupcakes. :D However, I didn't managed to take photos of the cupcakes coz we (Bunny and I) were a bunch of hyenas. We finished the whole box of cupcakes in less than an hour and I forgot to take a photo or two of the cupcakes. LOL

I managed to take a shot of the mini birthday cake tho - well, Bunny did. Since Bunny is not a keen cake eater (and I couldn't possibly finish up a whole cake alone) we end up getting a mini cake instead. Just for the sake of having a birthday cake, I guess. Ha Ha!

Well.. here's the cake:

Bunny also gave me the best gift a woman could ever get on her birthday ... but I'd rather not tell you what it was. *wink* I can tell you tho, that it comes with a birthday card with a note inside that says very heartwarming words for me. Bunny made me feel so loved and blessed to have him in my life..

Ahh.. life is such a bliss. :D

August 1, 2009

it's august already!!

One of my favorite month is finally here. YAY! Why do I love August? Well.. because August is the month of my birth! YIPPEEEE!!! And looks like this year, I have another reason to love the month of August - Bunny's an August baby too! :D

Of course, my other favorite month is December - simply because of Christmas!!

So I was on Facebook earlier looking at old photos in my album. And then I saw this particular photo of mine that made me somewhat....sad. :(

I used to have long hair.... :(

Now it's really short... :(

..but it's only August 1st today. I probably have enough time to keep it long again before Christmas. :D

Yessss... this is what I'll be concentrating on right now. Keeping my hair long. Aku nak pelihara rambut ni so I'd look like how I used to.. last year. Ha Ha Ha!

PS: By the way, I *might* be going to Search concert tonight with my darling Bunny. We got 4 tickets from a friend (we have 2 extra tickets. anyone wanna join?? :P) but we're still contemplating whether to go or not... The word "TRAFFIC JAM" scares us! lol

July 30, 2009

shit happens

My creativity juice was flowing like river Jordan as I scribbled on a piece of paper a few design suggestions I had in mind for my next blog design project.. when my pen decided to die on me. Oh no, no, no.. not my Jordi Labanda pen! It was a Christmas gift from a dear friend from Spain!

But I've got no time to worry about pen refills or where to get a new Jordi Labanda pen coz the ideas in my brain might go away soon .. so I quickly grabbed another pen beside my table.


Grabbed another pen.

Also inkless. Gawd.

Found another.

No ink too.. and I'm running out of pen!

UWAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Stupid lah! Where on earth can I get another pen NOW and FAST?!! I'm not gonna walk all the way to the nearest stationery right now! So lazy and tired lah.. besides, by then, all the ideas I had in mind would already be long gone....


July 29, 2009


(I wonder if anyone reads this blog at all? lol.) But anyway, hello people!

Just a quick post to showoff my latest blog design. *hee*

As usual, please click on the link and pay a visit to my new friend, Lia.

I hope you'll like the new design. It's pink, it's kawaii .. it's worth the visit! :D


Oh well, I gotta go now. Need to take a shower and put my favorite ampoules on my face to maintain my youthfulness. Ha ha! Then after that, I'm gonna jump on the bed and get my much needed sleep. I only slept for 4 hours last night! This is all Bunny's fault! lol. We had a late night out with his friends last night: we went to this pub called The Ship in the hopes of seeing live performance by the transvetites (pondan) but boohoo.. it was another band who performed last night. :(

Anyway, I REALLY gotta stop typing. I'm about to fall asleep on the notebook already!

July 27, 2009

new blog skin!

finally! yay!

after 2+ years of using the same skin for this blog, i finally got this poor blog a new cloth. :D if you missed my previous blog skin, here's how it used to look like:

What do you think of the new look? I call it "Lovebirds" as a dedication to both myself and Bunny. *teehee* I hope you like the new look!

OK lah, still lots of things need to be done to this blog. The sidebars are still empty, some codes needed editing etc. Don't panic if things ain't looking right here. It's not your browser. It's just me behind doing the editing job. :P

July 26, 2009


Bunny and I accidentally woke up pretty late today - we missed the mass, of course. But to be honestly honest, I actually woke up at 8:45am and said, "Oh, we're gonna be late!" No idea who I was talking to - either to myself or Bunny - but the main thing is, neither of us were listening because Bunny was obviously still sound asleep and I on the other hand.. went back to sleep. lol

Mummy's gonna kill me if she knew this.

Anyway, this is gonna be just another Sunday for us ..although I plan to take Bunny plants-shopping when he wakes up. I think our balcony and porch could do with some green plants. I'm keeping my fingers cross that he'll say YES.

12:27pm - I'm feeling quite hungry already. I should try my best to wake him up and whine about my stomachache. *teehee*

PS: Yasmin Ahmad died today. May her soul rest in peace. :(

UPDATE: On the evening after helping Bunny washed his car, we stopped the ice cream man who happened to pass by. We bought 2 red bean ice cream. I guess the ice cream man saw the cross I was wearing on my neck that made him asked, "Which church do you go?" "I go to St. Anthony's church", I said. "Did you go to church today?" he asked again. Sheepishly, I answered, "No. We woke up late today..."

And then guess what was his reply?

"Pergi lah church... Sekali seminggu saja. Kita mesti sembahyang sama itu Tuhan. Cakap terima kasih. Puji Tuhan. Sekali seminggu saja pun susah kah..."


After he left, I unwrapped the red bean ice cream. Surprise, surprise, the ice cream broke into 2 and the other half dropped on the ground!! So much for making me feel guilty like a sinner lah!

July 25, 2009


Hi all. Just wanna make a quick post on my most recent design works.

I hope you like the new designs! :D

July 23, 2009

little things that make me smile

Cousin Frank was back in Malaysia from Vietnam a week ago for a short break, and he brought me some stuff that I requested:

Fridge magnets!

I actually requested ONE fridge magnet only when he told me he’s coming back, but the night we had a small family gathering at my brother’s place, Frank handed me a big, blue plastic bag and said, “Nah, pilihlah mana kau mau.” I couldn’t make up my mind coz all the magnets were so cute, I asked Bunny to choose. He chose the blue Vietnamese couple and I showed Frank my choice.

“Itu saja? Sikit juga?? Ambil la banyak-banyak bah..”

WAHHH… like music to my ears, I ended up taking FIVE fridge magnets. Ha! Ha! Ha! Of course, only four were shown in the pic because the other magnet (a green Vietnamese couple) was kept for my mom. See? I’m not that *tamaha, after all. lol

Oh, I love fridge magnets.. and I’m so happy that my collections are slowly growing on my mini fridge. :D

Hmm.. Mozad (Bunny’s bassist) still owes me a fridge magnet from Australia. I can’t wait! *hee*

*tamaha = greedy (in Kadazan)

July 21, 2009

the lovebirds

I love talking to my Bunny. I love talking to him about life, business, relationship, friendship, religion, plans.. love. Sometimes (if not most of the times), I’d refer to Bunny for every decision that I wanted to make just so he could make sure I still keep my feet on the ground. Because sometimes, I tend to make decision I’d regret in the end.

Bunny and I, we’re two very different person. He’s the fire. I’m the ice. He’s straight-forward with his words while I sugar-coat mine. Having these 2 different personalities living under the same roof is definitely not something easy to go along with. There are times when we’d argue and not talk to each other for hours. Like what happened last week. And being me, the super emotional woman, after an argument or a fight, I’d go to bed angry and not wanting to say a word to him. Even when he said “Goodnight, love..”.
I hate going to bed angry. I hate hate hate hate it!
The morning after would be the day I dread the most. Bunny would leave for work and give his usual hugs and kisses before that, and I’d still sulk the whole day feeling angry and bitter. You must be wondering why? Oh, slap me for that but I’m just like that! If he doesn’t apologize or say the word “I’m sorry, love..”, I’d still be angry. And so the day went by. Bunny would text me on the phone, asking how I’m doing – and I wouldn’t bother to reply. I refused to talk to him the whole evening – until he comes back home that is. When that happens, I’d be on the bed, pretending to be sound asleep. :-P
So last week, Bunny came to bed, hugged me and said, “Love, who else would I want to spend my lifetime.. if not with YOU..”
Trust me, that was waaaaaaaaaay better than I’m sorry. *hee*
Moral of the story is: Try to stay positive. Look on the brighter side all the time. Don’t waste your time devouring into the sadness and bitterness, because at the end of the day, it’ll only make you a sad and angry person – when everything is actually A

[You may throw up now. lol]

July 11, 2009

geocities is closing

on October 26th, 2009! eeeek!!!

that means I gotta move like a gazillion images, htmls and files from there to somewhere else.


July 1, 2009

my latest design

Hello people!

I'm finally done with my one of my design work today and I'd like to share it with you.

This is a design I made for Rowena of Mum-Mum : Eat-Eat *hihihi* I really love her blog's name. Sounds really cute, kan? :D

OK, one design done, another one to go. Very happy lah. This month made some extra money. Yippee! Thank you, Lord for all Thy blessings! :D

June 19, 2009

minor food poisoning

adui, matilah aku ni... :(

June 16, 2009


i'm in a really bad shape right now that even when little things like accidentally kicking the chair drives me to tears. even as i'm typing this, my fingers are shaking and i am in the brink of crying again.

did you know that stress induces gastric pain? oh yes, they do. and i learned it the hard way.

gosh, i hate being like this. i can't really explain WHY i am being the way i am right now. and this is bad for my work too. i have been pushing my work forward for the past 2 weeks. the truth is, i have so many ideas in my mind for my designs, but the moment i try to put it on designs and codes, everything just went *poof*!

and today, i created like 8 designs and i end up deleting each and every one of it because i hated the end result!

if i were to go with what my heart tells me, i'd book a flight back home to my parents right now. i just wanna go away to a peaceful place where i know people would love and take care of me.

if only i didn't have all these projects going on.. i would've been on the plane already.. :(

May 26, 2009

it's gonna be a lovely week

I just updated both my main blog and my personal blog. So.. I'm kinda running out of things to say over here. Haha!

Anyway, for those of you who doesn't read any of my other blogs.. this week is kind of a busy week for both me and Bunny. That's because we're leaving for his hometown this Friday to celebrate Gawai with his family AND to introduce me to his side of family. Oh dear, I'm so nervous! And scared!!! What if his family doesn't like me? What if I'm not the type of girl his parents would want to be with their son?? Ya know, those are the kind of things that runs in my mind everytime I think of that BIG DAY! Even tho Bunny kept assuring me that his family would DEFINITELY love me, I'm still nervous! Oh dear.. I hope I won't faint or act like a fool when that day finally comes. Look at the ticker above. It says 3 DAYS MORE! LoL

Anyway (again), Bunny and I had so much fun shopping for stuff to bring back home these past few days. But the most fun part of all to me is the shopping-for-the-kids part. Oh my, I forgot how fun it was shopping for kids! At one point, I even said to Bunny (while holding a piece of very cute little pink baby dress) "Let's make babies!" Of course, like I said in my personal blog.. Bunny laughed at it coz he knew I was joking. (But was I???)

Oh by the way, last night while driving back home from shopping, Bunny told me that he wanted a garden wedding.

"I want our wedding to be special, because it is. That's why I want to have a garden wedding."

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! And I'm not jumping in joy for the GARDEN WEDDING part, I'm more excited on the WEDDING part! Hahaaaa!!! :D

People! Bunny wants to marry me! ME! MEEEEEEE!!

May 12, 2009

my bunny cooks

Yes, it seems that in my "new family" someday, the men would be doing the cooking. (my husband and sons) LOL!

That's my Bunny cooking above. For he so love cooking, he even made a pack with me that when we have our own family someday (as in dah kahwin and beranak-pinak lah.. hehe) HE will be doing all the cooking. And I kid you not!! :D

Now can you imagine your husband saying that to you? Must be a dream come true, right? LOL

And just to make sure Bunny sticks to his word, I think I'm gonna draft a paper about it and make him SIGN it - in case he complains someday that I didn't prepare him lunch or dinner.


April 28, 2009

curious case of stu hamm & bunny

I've posted this in my other blog, but since this is my "permanent blog" for my future generation to see, I'm gonna re-post it here. :D

WARNING: Might have excessive photos and Bunny loving

Last Saturday, Stuart Hamm - bassist of the famous Joe Satriani - was down in KL for a Bass clinic and I was lucky enough to tag along with Bunny right from the sound check moment to the end of the show. Wait, there’s more: I was seated at the very front seat. Woohoo!!

Here’s some photos for you Stu Hamm fans to gloat on people who didn’t get the chance to attend this awesome show. ^_^

View from inside the Panggung Bandaraya. Beautiful, isn't it?

The man himself, STU HAMM! (He was AWESOME!)

"I started playing when I got a bass guitar for Christmas back when I was 13.."

Bunny and his friend gets to jam with Stu Hamm!! :D

A closer look

...of my Bunny

Bunny again

More Bunny! (Sorry can't help it. I love that man to pieces. *heehee*)

Last one. I promise! :P

Stu was actually very pleased with Bunny’s playing, he gave him a bowing ovation during rehearsal!
(AND a thank you + praising email after!)

Finally, a pic of me and Bunny. Pardon him for the eyes. He likes to do that sometimes. -_-

Wokay, that's about all the photos I can share with you. I'm actually too lazy to edit, resize and upload the rest of it. Terlampau banyak bah! :P Besides, The Biggest Loser's on TV now and I don't wanna miss it. Must watch to give myself some encouragement to lose weight before going to Sarawak again next month - only this time, I'm meeting the future in-laws - It's gonna be a double celebration - Pesta Gawai and Meet the In-Laws. LOL!

Have a blessed day, everyone! :D

April 15, 2009

love love love

You know that he's THE ONE when he said:

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you..
I want to grow old with you."

:D :D :D

April 13, 2009

i might not survive - this time around

Why does the heart desires what the heart couldn't get...?

.. I've been staring at my computer for about half an hour, trying to get the stuff out of my head into writings. Maybe, just maybe, if I write it out, I'd feel much better...

Have you ever felt like you're about to burst into a thousand pieces just because you couldn't express what's really on your mind? Or you're just too broken that the only thing that comes to mind was death?

You want to run away from the things that hurt you most, yet, you couldn't.

You want to shout out to the world that you're dying inside, slowly, yet, your voice is silent.

Knowing something is wrong somewhere hurts.. but finding out the truth kills..

I really think that I'm slowly dying inside. Soon enough, the outer part of me will follow suit.

April 3, 2009

i will survive

In case you're wondering, no, I didn't die. I'm still alive and am surviving this cruel world. Heheheh... :P

Actually, not this cruel world la.. more like the cruel weather. It's freaking hot these days, I'm melting like cheese. The heat is so intense, it feels like I'm a witch burning on a haystack. Panas nak mampus, I tell you!


I'm trying to stay positive and not throwing my anger tantrum everywhere. I'm trying to calm myself down by eating ABC today. Hummmm.... very nice, I tell you! Cold, sweet ABC, totally something that could calm you down on a hot, sunny day like this.

By the way, tomorrow is Bunny and I's 3rd month anniversary. Heehee.. :P Nothing grand lah, but we're celebrating it by going for a movie - and the best part is, I get to choose what movie I want! YAY! Thank you, Bunny... You're such a sweet darling! :P

OK lah, I don't wanna make you people puke with my lovestory (hehe). Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your loved ones. I know I will, because I have an anniversary this weekend! Haha!

OHHHH before I forget... I have a job interview this Sunday. Could you kind people please, please maybe say a prayer for me.. or at least a wish of good luck? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance. God only can repay you for your kindness. :D

Take care!

March 24, 2009

unwell :(

I hate having very sensitive stomach. Not only I have bad gastric problem, my stomach decides what and which food she likes - and she changes her mind quite often too!

Take for instance, a month ago: I got myself a jar of my favorite peanut butter -I used to watch my favorite shows on TV, eating peanut butter like there's no tomorrow - I sat in front of TV watching CSI, licking peanut butter off the spoons.. and a few minutes later.. BAM! My stomach churned and I ran to the bath and puked my life out! To this day, whenever I see peanut butter, it feels like I've seen a ghost. I get all phobia and sick to my stomach.

And today... I had this terrible stomachache from eating spicy nasi lemak for breakfast. It left me turning and tossing on the bed the whole morning till afternoon. Even the cooling effect of the rain doesn't help much. By noon, I got the strength to stand up and buy my lunch, which is this:

I don't have the appetite to eat heavy lunch such as rice or noodle, hence I end up with this "fried bananas". But guess what? After eating only 5 piece of it, I end up running to the bath again....

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just lie on the bed and die.

March 10, 2009

silence is golden

Went to bed last night with hundreds of thoughts running on my mind. It was so intense, I couldn't get to sleep till like 6 in the morning. I'm in a quite rotten mood, stressed maybe.. so to not make things worse, I've decided to go on a silent mode today like how I used to do back in those days.

If I don't answer your calls or reply your text messages, please don't take it personal.
I just need some rest.

. . . .

March 7, 2009

aku dah balik!

I'm back from my Kuching pilgrimage trip! :D

Soooo tired!! Legs soooooo pain!!

But one thing I can say:

(the tuaks are so nyamai too! :P)

Feel like migrating to Sarawak lah... hehehe

(Even if I couldn't be a Sarawakian, I'm so glad that my Bunny is! YAY!!!!!)

February 17, 2009

head full of stars

Ahhh.. such warm (VERY) warm weather today. It was so hot in fact, it made my nose bleed. It feels like living inside a microwave!

But I'm not gonna complain about the weather too much today. For all I know, God will take away the sun and give us rain all day long. Kalau banjir, susah nanti... But I won't mind the snow tho. Hehe!

Last Sunday, Bunny and I joined my brother for a game of bowling. Oh best!!!! Not that I'm such a pro when it comes to bowling, but it was fun seeing the laughter on the faces of the men I love - Bunny and my brother - We weren't totally competing with each other, that's what makes it so much fun, because the pressure of getting a strike was no there! (But I know *someone* was dying to get a strike, at least, before the game ended. LOL)

After playing 2 sets of bowling, we went for a movie. We watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Whoa... such a long and interesting movie! In fact, the couple who was seated in front of us left after only 20 minutes during the show. They must've not understood English, or worse, couldn't appreciate that kind of movie. Hehehe. But I'm glad to say that we enjoyed the movie very much, especially the part when the guy told Benjamin how he was stroke by the lightening 7 times in his life. Man, I was so looking forward to ALL of the strikes! :D

Then after we movie, we went for supper together. Talked a lot (I was being my usual self :P), laughed a lot.. and I ate a little. But it was fun altogether. Fun! Fun! Fun!

I'm so looking forward to our next gathering. It's so much fun doing things with your sibling when you have your loved one with you. :-)

Oh, Bunny and I are going house-hunting tonight. We think that we should get a bigger house with more privacy for us both. Do wish us both luck ya? Coz at the moment, we REALLY need that! :D

February 11, 2009

it's a good day to say "i'm blessed!"

First, let me start by saying -- I'm blessed. I'm a very blessed girl. I'm definitely a girl with lots of blessings.


There. Start your day with positive thinking. Everything else will turn positive around you. Your aura will reflect something positive with glowing flare around you. Haha!

I started my day hugging Bunny. Kissed him before he leave for work. Then I prayed the rosary. I have good feelings about the universe whenever I start the day with a prayer. :D

I haven't had breakfast, but I'm not hungry. I still have the usual gastric pain, but I'm not complaining. I miss my family, but they're always in my heart. I'm dying to see Bunny, but I know I'm always in his heart and mind. I'm close to broke, but I know God will provide.

I did some drawing again last weekend. It was supposed to be a picture of me and Bunny, of course, with both of us having very short hair. :P I couldn't imagine (and I refused to imagine!) Bunny having short hair - because I really like him with the long hair he has currently. I think he look really nice like that. In fact, it has always been my dream since a teenager, to have a partner with long hair. Haha!

OK, I think I'm done with today's posting. I gotta get me some flight ticket before mummy call again later in the noon. I'm going off to Sarawak early next month with her. And her husband (my dad). And her youngest daughter. (My sister) *heehee* It's gonna be a trip that I'm both, looking forward and NOT really looking forward to.. but I'm not gonna say why. I think you guys should've known WHY by now. :P

February 7, 2009

depressed :(

I think I'm slowly sinking into depression again, only this time, it wasn't because the lack of love. It's because of the stupid sickness I had with me since 1991. Gastric ulcer.

How would you feel if you have abdominal pain every time you eat something? Or whenever you go to bed, you had to grit your teeth because your stomach hurts like hell? Even not eating gives terrible stomach pain. Let's not forget hard, solid foods that hurts the stomach (intestines). And the latest, drinking tea (which happened to be my favorite drink) induces vomiting. If those symptoms happened to you, I'm sure you'll feel irritated and depressed like me too..

I just threw up my whole lunch not too long ago, after drinking milk tea. The experience of sitting on the cold bathroom floor with my head on the toilet bowl was not something I enjoy doing. In fact, it was so painful, I cried like a baby... Took me almost 30 minutes to gain my strength to drag myself on the bed. To divert myself from feeling sorry about the whole situation, I turned to my notebook and viewed some old photos..

And then I saw this:

A photo of my dogs, Girly and BonBon with their neighbor (my cousin's dog) ZengZeng. It was supposed to be a happy photo, because I took the photo back in November, when my parents and I went to clear the graves of my late sister and grandmother. The dogs definitely enjoyed themselves that day, because there were so many space for them to run and hide from each other.

BonBon, the black dog, died on the eve of New Year 2009. On the morning before his departure, he went into my room, as usual, to greet me good morning.. and went back to his usual sleeping place. He was very sick then. I went to his bedside, stroke his head and told him how much I love him and how I wish he would get well soon, so he could wear the collar I bought him for Christmas. I went to my father's estate that morning, only to come back by noon with the news that BonBon had passed.

That thought made me sobbed even more.

I miss him so much.. I still couldn't look at his photos without shedding a tear. :(

Gosh, I think I'm going crazy today... all thanks to this stupid gastric.

February 5, 2009

i'm back!

I hope! hehehehe..

Oh my, I'm terribly, terribly sorry for the lack up updates. You know what they say, when you have a new toy, you tend to throw the old one away. :P


When my 8 years relationship with my previous partner fell apart, I was devastated and almost fell into deep depression. Life for me was meaningless then. I felt like I've wasted my time and youth, and I turned into a bitter and angry person. For almost 3 years in my life, I have been living a lonely, quiet and secluded life, away from my family and friends. I avoided family gatherings as much as I can, I gave excuses for not being able to make it to friends outings.. I found comfort in locking up myself in my bedroom. Just me and the loud music playing in the background. Such was my life back then.. That was the path I chose to be in because I was so close to giving up on life, on myself..

Until Jaya came into the picture..

My life took a whole 360 degrees turn.

With Jaya around, everyday is a blessed day. He gave me reasons to live once again. He made me see the beauty and wonders of life. He made me realize that life is meant to be beautiful. He opened a new door for me to explore how wonderful the world is.


I'm not gonna dive into details on how I met Jaya, that would be a different story for another day. But I'd like to express this to all you people who's still seeking for the "one" out there. NEVER GIVE UP. Tho it might seem impossible and hopeless at first, trust The Lord, He will NOT abandon you. Just put your trust on Him. Continue praying and talk to Him about your feelings. HE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU. I am saying this because I bear witness to His love and miracle. After 'talking' to Him for years, He finally brings me "The One" - even better, He gave me more than what I've expected from the man of my dream!

Keep the faith and your new path will soon be revealed to you. :)

January 17, 2009

i'm still alive!

Just so you know, I did NOT vanish from the face of the earth. It's just that I moved to another place and I did not have any Internet access.

But I do now! :D

I'll continue with my posts and blog hops as soon as I get settled in this new place of mine. Okay?

For the time being, here's a photo of me and my bestie, Tess, during a gig where my BF was performing. And oh, did I mentioned that I have a boyfriend now? *hee* He was the one that I meant when I wrote this post. I'm so blessed! (Anyway, will talk about him some other time.. ok?)

Until then. Take care everyone. God bless!