August 11, 2009


I've been scribbling on the paper for a design since morning, yet, I still couldn't get the ONE perfect design! In fact, I've made 8 designs on the Photoshop but all ended up in the bin.

I was chatting with Bunny online this morning, complaining how uninspired I am.

ME: I'm so uninspired today!

HIM: Me too. No heart to play guitar and no inspirations at all.. I guess it's because we're not feeling well.

ME: Sia mau nangis sudah ni.. I can't think of a design! :(

HIM: Please don't be that depressed. Take a rest. Don't force yourself to do anything..

Yet I did. I forced myself to work.

And I came up with this one design...

I dislike it, by the way. There's just SOMETHING about it that doesn't go into my heart.

I don't know... maybe it's just me. Maybe it's my period.

Maybe I should stop designing altogether.

Or maybe I should just call it a day and start again when the period's done.

I'm definitely PMSing!


  1. perhaps, u should call it a day. :)
    kasi tenang2 dulu fikiran hehe

  2. yalo.. taking a day off lah dis konon. :D