August 19, 2009

fancy a fancy band aid?

About a couple of weeks ago, I accidentally got my finger cut by shattered glass. On the way to IKEA, I noticed that the band aid on my finger looked rather dirty and worn out, so I text my brother (who was at the Curve then) to get me some band aid. We were having lunch at IKEA when I gawked in surprise at the first sight of the band aid he got me.

"Wahhh... why so fancy one? Since when do we have striped band aid? Tigery stripe lagi tu.. macam Datin-Datin!"

"Err.. actually we have fancy band aid for quite some time already. There's other patterns too.."

"But Tiger stripes on my finger? Ishh.. bidanya!"

"OK wat.."

At this point, even Bunny agreed with my brother while he wrapped the band aid around my finger.

How come I've never seen one? All I have at home was the traditional band aid.


And nak dijadikan cerita, Bunny and I went to the pharmacy last Sunday to buy some handwash. And guess what?

I saw a collection of cute band aids!! This was one of my favorite:

Where have I been all these while?? How can I not notice these cuties??!!

Now I can't wait to have my fingers accidentally cut. I wanna wear those!!!!


  1. this is cute....:0 saw it in Gurdian last tyme :)

  2. cin i just bought a packet of fancy band aid too. nanti i show u ah.

  3. I thought only me that always buy the cute band aid ... :o)