August 15, 2009

silence is golden

Yesterday, I flatly denied my brother's offer for tickets to the MTV Asia Award - how crazy is that, denying FREE TICKETS to one of the most happening event in town??! - but yeah, I told him that Bunny and I couldn't make it due to the fact that Bunny had to work on Saturday (the event is today) and I wasn't really keen to attend an award that doesn't include Beyonce or Rihanna. lol

Truth be told, I was in between going and not. Deep down, I wanted to because I knew I deserve such a break from work as I've been working my ass off this week, trying to get my project done a.s.a.p. A night out with my brother and his partner to this event would be something fun. Something fresh. Something to get my mind off work.

I'm currently working on this project

..But on the other hand, I wasn't in the partying mood. There's just so many things running on my mind that I wish I could talk to someone about it. Knowing that I DO NOT actually have *someone* that I could really trust and talk to makes me feel pathetic. And lonely. It's not like I do not have a friend or a best friend. Or a boyfriend. Or a partner. I do. But the thing is, it's really hard for me to tell things, very personal things to others. I probably was born that way, hence I would normally talk to myself on the mirror sometimes.. just to get things out of my mind.

An ex once told me that I have built this "shell" outside me that I got too comfortable staying inside without anyone bothering me. He said that to really "get to me", one would have to break the "shell" and get me out of it. (I wonder if that's true...)

Anyway, I'm having a minor headache right now. I should get some rest and continue working on my design later. Just thinking of the word "WORK" on a weekend makes me sick. :(

UPDATE: Cheh.. it's not MTV Asia Award pulak. It's actually MTV Live Stage. LOL! But still.. according to my brother, it was HAPPENING! :P

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  1. MTV Asia award??? I almost jumped when i saw this in ur blog!!

    Well Cindy, I believe ur next project will be fine :)