August 8, 2009


Yesterday noon, I was feeling well. By evening, I felt strange. Like my whole body just got really heavy that I was unable to carry myself. By night, I felt sick to my stomach... When I went to bed, I remember telling Bunny that my stomach felt funny. It wasn't the usual gastric. Bunny gave me a massage, telling me that it might be the weather. That everyone's pretty sick these days.

Middle of the night, I woke up, sat by the bed corner and cried silently.

"Kenapa, sayang? Are you ok, love?"

He must've noticed me.

"My stomach hurts real bad..."

That was all I could say before I sobbed like a lost child.
*sigh* (kes telampau manja bah ni)

Bunny woke up of course. Gave me a hug. He rubbed my stomach and did every possible thing to make me comfortable. Even went out to buy me bread and medicine. While he was out, I was throwing up like mad in the bathroom.. :(

Must be food poisoning ni..

I'm feeling slightly better this morning - tho I'm still throwing up and having this terrible stomachache. Noticed how pale I look in the photo? Itulah result dari muntah-muntah dan menangis satu malam. Ha ha ha! Oh, that's my favorite sarong, by the way. I'm a pure Sabahan girl and I love sarong! It reminds me so much of my grandmama and my kampung root. :D

Good thing also lah kena food poisoning ni. At least I could lose some weight from it... lol


  1. Uh, i used to have this symptom long before. Eh wait, sometime i am still getting it now but kurang sudah.

    According to the doctor it must be because i don't eat properly. So the MO describe me as "banyak gas dlm perut" .. but dunno la dat doctor that...

    well, better drink 100plus banyak2..since u throwing up like mad kan :)

    Get well soon Cindy!!!!

  2. Bunny said the same thing too: 100plus will do me good dia bilang! Hmm.. maybe I'll get him to buy me one later. (I've never liked the taste of it tho) :(

    The doctor used to tell me "banyak gas dalam perut" as well. Boring oh. Dunno true or not.

    Get well soon to both of us! :P

  3. Beside, i do love sarong diz....i still have mine too..

    It cud be because of the sentimental value i guess...

  4. glad that u're getting better.
    so sweet of Bunny and so manja of you...heheheh...but of cos when u're sick, must get manja2 bah kan..if not, bila lagi.

    i dunno how to wear sarung. every time i tie it around my waist or chest...mesti pandai jatuh2.

  5. Borneolady - Ya, I love to wear sarong sometimes too, especially when it's really cold. I don't know why.. maybe it's the comfortable feeling it gives.. or the memory of my childhood days with my parents and grandparents.. :D

    chegu - I don't really know how to wear a sarong too actually. Sometimes pandai jatuh-jatuh, sometimes too tight pulak that I cannot breath. LOL

  6. Ok sdh? Don't eat yg minyak2 :P

  7. Tata - okok sudah. Tapi masih sakit perut la.. :)

  8. Hi okay aldy ka?..just dropping by :0

  9. Borneolady - I'm getting there! ha ha ha

    Thanks for the concern, sweetie. :)