March 26, 2008

Oh, Girly..

My mom's dog, Girly, she's so cute and naughty at the same time. She's like the "little baby" at home, since my siblings and I left for work/studies. She don't really eat from her bowl, because my mom would normally feed her .. kinda like being spoon-fed. *hee* My mom treats Girly like she's her baby. My dad treats her like a daughter too. Did you know that Girly sleeps with my parents? LOL, that spoiled little thing.

My mom and I would text each other everyday, talking about nothing but Girly. Every small, recent development, every newfound skill and hobby would be "reported" to me - it's like I'm actually there, because I know everything that's going on with Girly!

I've grown to love and miss Girly a lot too, even though I've only spent about a month with her during my recent visit back home. Every day, I'd text my mom asking about Girly, and every time she updates me about her, sometimes sending me an MMS of her, I'd shed a tear. It's THAT much love you see..

Less than half an hour ago, mommy text me:

I'm now going to sleep. Girly & daddy sleeping. I scold her coz she bit Didy's charger. Usually she won't bite. She didn't wait 4 me coz being scolded..


March 25, 2008

For My Daughter (Or Son)

This post is for the reference of my future kids.

My dearest child,

I just thought that I should share with you a picture of my current (as of March 25th, 2008) favorite toy:

The pink hippo.

You might not understand my obsession with anything CUTE, PINK and HIPPO but trust me, maybe someday you'll understand. Perhaps when you're much older.

I also want you to know that it's OK to buy toys for yourself. (and by toys, I really meant TOY) :P

Mommy loves you.

March 20, 2008

I'm Shopping Again!

Woot! I just spent a total of $66.98 buying stuff online, and I am so happy about it! Well, maybe just a slight feeling of guilt, but the happiness took over that! Muahahaha!

Well lemme see, I bought an ornament from Pottery Barn and 2 cans of hot chocolate. LOL

Oh.. I can't wait for the items to arrive, I'm so excited.. I think I've used the "!" a lot in this post!!

Anyway, here's showing you my new Pottery Barn bedskirt that I just received yesterday. ^_^

I'm so happieeee~~

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Update: I just bought 2 rolls of toilet papers online at $11.98. That's a total of $78.96 spent today! I better head to bed before I spend all my money online! >.<

March 14, 2008

I forgot

to post my recent work over here - for my future children to see. Hahaha!

OK, gotta go. Got some tv show to catch. ^_^

adoi, matila..

I think I am growing old real fast! I used to have this very good memory as a child, that my parents would refer to me whenever they needed to call someone on the phone : because I could memorize everyone's phone number. :P

But these days.. aiyoh..

You see, I told myself since last Sunday that I would go sight seeing and visit the rumah contoh (showroom) of the new housing near my place, and that I would take a few photos of the area so I could blog about it. And guess what? I go out, pass that housing area EVERYDAY, yet.. I always forget to bring the camera with me!!

Yes, I am getting old.. *sigh*

March 10, 2008


I ate waaay too much for supper and now I feel bloated. I can't get to sleep and I have this pounding headache. Bleh. Hope everyone's having a good night sleep right now.. because I can't. Which suck. Maybe I'd finish off the whole season 1 of Joan of Arcadia. I think that serie's kinda cool. Well it made me laugh. That must mean something, right? :P

March 8, 2008

latest design, hungry & bored

Those are my latest blog designs for paying customer. *hee* I have another one coming up but not so soon.. because I'm still "fine tuning" it. :P Will probably take another day or two..

It's almost 5PM and I haven't had any breakfast or lunch yet. I'm so hungry... I feel like fixing some fried rice or noodle for myself, but since I'm going to attend a wedding dinner at 7PM, I guess I'll just wait till then.

I'm also bored. I saw PapaJoneh's post on his day out in KK for lunch.. It made me miss KK even more. *sob* I really feel like going back TODAY and eat everything I can find there! Haha.

Anyway, gotta go fix myself a slice of bread or something. I'm starving!!

March 1, 2008

I miss home :(

While blog hopping, my cellphone beeped. I got an incoming txt message at 1AM!

"Hi how are you, xxx xxx xxxxx, the naughty girl is happy coz Didy's at home on holiday till 27th next month."

Wow, such a long holiday my sister is having. So the "naughty girl" has friends to play with! Bah! I'm so green with envy. I wanna go home and play with "her" too. *sob*

I really, really miss her... :(