March 1, 2008

I miss home :(

While blog hopping, my cellphone beeped. I got an incoming txt message at 1AM!

"Hi how are you, xxx xxx xxxxx, the naughty girl is happy coz Didy's at home on holiday till 27th next month."

Wow, such a long holiday my sister is having. So the "naughty girl" has friends to play with! Bah! I'm so green with envy. I wanna go home and play with "her" too. *sob*

I really, really miss her... :(


  1. Aduhh cutenye doggie. Hmm, understand the missing part tu. I miss my only dog.. who died poisoned by jealous neighbor. :(

  2. Awww... she's beautiful! More beautiful than me! I want a dog too :)