March 8, 2008

latest design, hungry & bored

Those are my latest blog designs for paying customer. *hee* I have another one coming up but not so soon.. because I'm still "fine tuning" it. :P Will probably take another day or two..

It's almost 5PM and I haven't had any breakfast or lunch yet. I'm so hungry... I feel like fixing some fried rice or noodle for myself, but since I'm going to attend a wedding dinner at 7PM, I guess I'll just wait till then.

I'm also bored. I saw PapaJoneh's post on his day out in KK for lunch.. It made me miss KK even more. *sob* I really feel like going back TODAY and eat everything I can find there! Haha.

Anyway, gotta go fix myself a slice of bread or something. I'm starving!!


  1. You make me want to go back there too.How i miss the food so much!hey the header is so cute!Nice layou too.:)You did a great job :)

  2. hello Jane, how much do you charge for your beautiful masterpiece?

  3. Hi Jane! Am very interested for you to do my blog layout. I find it boring. Will you do it for me? Pls drop me an email at sharon at perkasahotel dot com dot my.

  4. sweetiepie: *hee* I know.. I miss the foods there too. :(

    Thank you for the compliment. Shy oledi me.. :P

    sharon: Alamak! Today only I saw your comment! Will email you soon, ok? :D

  5. cJane...still waiting for your email :)

  6. The layout is very sweet!! Love em!.. Think you can help me make one?..How much is the charge?