March 26, 2008

Oh, Girly..

My mom's dog, Girly, she's so cute and naughty at the same time. She's like the "little baby" at home, since my siblings and I left for work/studies. She don't really eat from her bowl, because my mom would normally feed her .. kinda like being spoon-fed. *hee* My mom treats Girly like she's her baby. My dad treats her like a daughter too. Did you know that Girly sleeps with my parents? LOL, that spoiled little thing.

My mom and I would text each other everyday, talking about nothing but Girly. Every small, recent development, every newfound skill and hobby would be "reported" to me - it's like I'm actually there, because I know everything that's going on with Girly!

I've grown to love and miss Girly a lot too, even though I've only spent about a month with her during my recent visit back home. Every day, I'd text my mom asking about Girly, and every time she updates me about her, sometimes sending me an MMS of her, I'd shed a tear. It's THAT much love you see..

Less than half an hour ago, mommy text me:

I'm now going to sleep. Girly & daddy sleeping. I scold her coz she bit Didy's charger. Usually she won't bite. She didn't wait 4 me coz being scolded..



  1. my parents are the same way with their dog, buddy. it's wild. i've totally been replaced. my mom will start talking to the dog while i'm on the phone and i'm on the line like, "hello?! anyone out there?!" :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Awwwwww, that girly is such an adorable dog. I can understand why your mom treats her as one of the family ... I really need to get a dog la ...

  3. Auuuwwwwww...she is soooooooooooooo adorable!!! I don't blame your parents..I would let her sleep on my bed too haha...btw, this is your only blog u hv not have a face lift ;p

  4. virginia : LOL, yeah.. my mom tend to do that even when I'm around the house too! :P

    nick : Oh, you should get a dog lah!! A dog (especially a puppy) would definitely add more fun to your life! :D

    Aunty J : Ya bah, this blog kind of terbiar. Hahaha. Next time only lah I give her a face lift.. Biar dia simple-simple dulu for the time being. :P