April 5, 2008

Very Late Post

Ah, I forgot to post my "Recent Design" here - as this is a free blog that I intend to keep forever (if possible) for my future children, grand children, great grand children, great great grand children .. to see. huhuhu!

This is a design I made especially for my dear friend, Chegu Carol. :-)

* Sorrylah, this post bangas sudah, tapi sia mau juga kasi tinguk urang sia punya recent design bah. kekekeke~


  1. Excellent!
    I loved this post. Thank you and have a good weekend.

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  2. how cute! i like this design. very creative! :)

  3. well, i am impressed of all your design works done!
    are you an illustrator?
    and you've got so many blogs...so which one you're most active in?