April 11, 2008

Not Abandoned!

I repeat, this blog is NOT abandoned! (although sometimes it looks like it) :P

The thing is, I've been really busy lately, especially with the piling custom requests for blog design. (And I am thankful to God for that. I make extra money so I can buy some stuff.. *hee*) Oh in case you're wondering, I try to blog daily in my "official blog" - Forever Tulip, but most of the time, I'd be at my personal blog - Once Upon A Time. So.. if you don't see me posting over here, I'd be in either the 2 blogs. :P

Anyway, this is what I came up with last week. My 2 latest blog design.


  1. love your designs*

    greetings from germany

    la frany

  2. I LOVE that queen bee design! sooo cute! you're very creative!

  3. Hiya blacky punky. Thanks for dropping by! :D

    virginia : Aww.. thanks. Glad you like it! :D

  4. hey there Jane..

    just LoVe ur design...very the creative...
    can make for me ka??
    ahaks.. just asking.. kindda like ur design....
    hope to hear from u...