April 30, 2010


Oh, where do I start?

There are so many things I'd like to tell you. Let's start off with the bad news.

The Bad News

My fiance have this friend who's into rock kapak band. He loves going for their concerts - and being one of my fiance's good friend, he'd normally asked us to tag along for these concerts. In fact, we joined him for Search's last concert in August 1st last year. Of course, we got free tickets from a friend who worked in Celcom. :P

This year, there'll be another Search concert. Only this time, they'll be combining with Wings for the Double Trouble concert. As usual, this friend would call my fiance up.

Friend: Nak pergi konsert Double Trouble tak?

Fiance: Kalau ada free ticket, boleh jugak.

(10 minutes later)

Friend: Dah ada tiket. RM70 seorang. Aku dah beli.

Fiance: ....

Note: Aku dah beli. That wasn't FREE ticket! And RM70 x 2 = RM140!!

RM140 wasted on a concert that we're not even excited to go!! My fiance even complained on the phone to me, saying, "I'd rather spend that money on buying your clothes!" (which I will explain why in my later post)

So the bad news is: we'll be wasting RM140 on tickets to a rock kapak band concert. WTF

Now let's go on to the good news.

The Good News

We're going shopping this weekend! YAY!!!!!!! Bunny promised to buy me new clothes for my upcoming job interview. :D

You see, I have TWO job interviews coming up this Monday - and I am all excited about it! It's always nice to have options in life bah, kan? Reason why I don't mind going for both interviews on the same day. One in the morning and another in the noon. Sioknya.

Let us all join together in hands and start praying for me, ok? lol. Because you see, I'm starting to get tired of working from home. I intend to go out and start having colleagues once again. I've been doing this work from home job for the past 3 years. The income is great, but I'd love to be in an office with more people to talk to. I kinda miss office life bah...

So yeah. Pray for me, ok? :P

Before I end this post, I want to show you my current addiction to makanan budak-budak:

Please ignore the bad picture quality. Twas taken with my icky mobile phone. Miskin bah.. can't afford to buy iPhone yet.

Anyway, if you haven't tried those biscuits yet.. you're missing out on makanan yang sangat sedap. YOU SHOULD TRY IT!!!! I know they're quite high in calories lah but trust me, it's worth the try! :D

Well ok, gotta stop typing now. Gotta get myself ready for the week's last cardio exercise.

Toodles everyone!
(as if I have readers in this blog la..lol)


Err..not really that recent lah, but this was my latest design work for a very nice lady with the name of Cath.

You can view the design at her blog: Cake By Cath