August 1, 2009

it's august already!!

One of my favorite month is finally here. YAY! Why do I love August? Well.. because August is the month of my birth! YIPPEEEE!!! And looks like this year, I have another reason to love the month of August - Bunny's an August baby too! :D

Of course, my other favorite month is December - simply because of Christmas!!

So I was on Facebook earlier looking at old photos in my album. And then I saw this particular photo of mine that made me somewhat....sad. :(

I used to have long hair.... :(

Now it's really short... :(

..but it's only August 1st today. I probably have enough time to keep it long again before Christmas. :D

Yessss... this is what I'll be concentrating on right now. Keeping my hair long. Aku nak pelihara rambut ni so I'd look like how I used to.. last year. Ha Ha Ha!

PS: By the way, I *might* be going to Search concert tonight with my darling Bunny. We got 4 tickets from a friend (we have 2 extra tickets. anyone wanna join?? :P) but we're still contemplating whether to go or not... The word "TRAFFIC JAM" scares us! lol

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