July 30, 2009

shit happens

My creativity juice was flowing like river Jordan as I scribbled on a piece of paper a few design suggestions I had in mind for my next blog design project.. when my pen decided to die on me. Oh no, no, no.. not my Jordi Labanda pen! It was a Christmas gift from a dear friend from Spain!

But I've got no time to worry about pen refills or where to get a new Jordi Labanda pen coz the ideas in my brain might go away soon .. so I quickly grabbed another pen beside my table.


Grabbed another pen.

Also inkless. Gawd.

Found another.

No ink too.. and I'm running out of pen!

UWAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Stupid lah! Where on earth can I get another pen NOW and FAST?!! I'm not gonna walk all the way to the nearest stationery right now! So lazy and tired lah.. besides, by then, all the ideas I had in mind would already be long gone....


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