July 26, 2009


Bunny and I accidentally woke up pretty late today - we missed the mass, of course. But to be honestly honest, I actually woke up at 8:45am and said, "Oh, we're gonna be late!" No idea who I was talking to - either to myself or Bunny - but the main thing is, neither of us were listening because Bunny was obviously still sound asleep and I on the other hand.. went back to sleep. lol

Mummy's gonna kill me if she knew this.

Anyway, this is gonna be just another Sunday for us ..although I plan to take Bunny plants-shopping when he wakes up. I think our balcony and porch could do with some green plants. I'm keeping my fingers cross that he'll say YES.

12:27pm - I'm feeling quite hungry already. I should try my best to wake him up and whine about my stomachache. *teehee*

PS: Yasmin Ahmad died today. May her soul rest in peace. :(

UPDATE: On the evening after helping Bunny washed his car, we stopped the ice cream man who happened to pass by. We bought 2 red bean ice cream. I guess the ice cream man saw the cross I was wearing on my neck that made him asked, "Which church do you go?" "I go to St. Anthony's church", I said. "Did you go to church today?" he asked again. Sheepishly, I answered, "No. We woke up late today..."

And then guess what was his reply?

"Pergi lah church... Sekali seminggu saja. Kita mesti sembahyang sama itu Tuhan. Cakap terima kasih. Puji Tuhan. Sekali seminggu saja pun susah kah..."


After he left, I unwrapped the red bean ice cream. Surprise, surprise, the ice cream broke into 2 and the other half dropped on the ground!! So much for making me feel guilty like a sinner lah!


  1. Alamak, that ice cream man is making me feel guilty for not going to Church also la. Me lagi worse, I just send the boys for Sunday school and then pick them up after their classes, never go mass ...