July 27, 2009

new blog skin!

finally! yay!

after 2+ years of using the same skin for this blog, i finally got this poor blog a new cloth. :D if you missed my previous blog skin, here's how it used to look like:

What do you think of the new look? I call it "Lovebirds" as a dedication to both myself and Bunny. *teehee* I hope you like the new look!

OK lah, still lots of things need to be done to this blog. The sidebars are still empty, some codes needed editing etc. Don't panic if things ain't looking right here. It's not your browser. It's just me behind doing the editing job. :P


  1. Such a beautiful layout ! =D
    To answer your question, you can make a colourful tag cloud as mine with this website : http://www.tagcloud-generator.com/

    But that's not an automatic one. =/ What a pity. ^^"

  2. Phew, for a minute there I thought my browser was acting up ... LOL!

    Nice layout though :D

  3. La Grenadine - Ohhhh thank you for the link! Will check it out! :D

    Nick - Hehe. Things are still pretty messy bah this. Thanks for the compliment ya. :D