February 17, 2009

head full of stars

Ahhh.. such warm (VERY) warm weather today. It was so hot in fact, it made my nose bleed. It feels like living inside a microwave!

But I'm not gonna complain about the weather too much today. For all I know, God will take away the sun and give us rain all day long. Kalau banjir, susah nanti... But I won't mind the snow tho. Hehe!

Last Sunday, Bunny and I joined my brother for a game of bowling. Oh best!!!! Not that I'm such a pro when it comes to bowling, but it was fun seeing the laughter on the faces of the men I love - Bunny and my brother - We weren't totally competing with each other, that's what makes it so much fun, because the pressure of getting a strike was no there! (But I know *someone* was dying to get a strike, at least, before the game ended. LOL)

After playing 2 sets of bowling, we went for a movie. We watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Whoa... such a long and interesting movie! In fact, the couple who was seated in front of us left after only 20 minutes during the show. They must've not understood English, or worse, couldn't appreciate that kind of movie. Hehehe. But I'm glad to say that we enjoyed the movie very much, especially the part when the guy told Benjamin how he was stroke by the lightening 7 times in his life. Man, I was so looking forward to ALL of the strikes! :D

Then after we movie, we went for supper together. Talked a lot (I was being my usual self :P), laughed a lot.. and I ate a little. But it was fun altogether. Fun! Fun! Fun!

I'm so looking forward to our next gathering. It's so much fun doing things with your sibling when you have your loved one with you. :-)

Oh, Bunny and I are going house-hunting tonight. We think that we should get a bigger house with more privacy for us both. Do wish us both luck ya? Coz at the moment, we REALLY need that! :D


  1. i love the curious case of benjamin button especially brad pitt. i could watch it over & over again. :)
    all the best in finding the new place. ;)

  2. I think we can't really complain about the weather esp after what it has done to Sarawak. and bowling? Wow...my favourite!

  3. huuu...i wanted to feel the joy of having fun in KL...hehe..bowling??..haven't try yet... :p

  4. Nieza - Thanks. I hope we find the place soon too. :D

    Willie - Ohhh.. so you're a bowler, eh? Come join us maybe someday. :P

    Toyong - Eii.. come down to KL la. Stay tempat Kay then kita pergi beraramai tih! :D

  5. atur masa dulu..baru p sana..hehe

  6. Good luck guys!! keep us updated on the new house.

  7. have you found the dream house? IF already, spare us the details dear. Kalau belum, good luck.

  8. entah apa crita sudah ni cari rumah ni. Barangkali dapat bungalow ni. Jangan yg tinggi2 kio. Nanti palis2 ada tanha runtuh kan.. bahaya tu :D