February 5, 2009

i'm back!

I hope! hehehehe..

Oh my, I'm terribly, terribly sorry for the lack up updates. You know what they say, when you have a new toy, you tend to throw the old one away. :P


When my 8 years relationship with my previous partner fell apart, I was devastated and almost fell into deep depression. Life for me was meaningless then. I felt like I've wasted my time and youth, and I turned into a bitter and angry person. For almost 3 years in my life, I have been living a lonely, quiet and secluded life, away from my family and friends. I avoided family gatherings as much as I can, I gave excuses for not being able to make it to friends outings.. I found comfort in locking up myself in my bedroom. Just me and the loud music playing in the background. Such was my life back then.. That was the path I chose to be in because I was so close to giving up on life, on myself..

Until Jaya came into the picture..

My life took a whole 360 degrees turn.

With Jaya around, everyday is a blessed day. He gave me reasons to live once again. He made me see the beauty and wonders of life. He made me realize that life is meant to be beautiful. He opened a new door for me to explore how wonderful the world is.


I'm not gonna dive into details on how I met Jaya, that would be a different story for another day. But I'd like to express this to all you people who's still seeking for the "one" out there. NEVER GIVE UP. Tho it might seem impossible and hopeless at first, trust The Lord, He will NOT abandon you. Just put your trust on Him. Continue praying and talk to Him about your feelings. HE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU. I am saying this because I bear witness to His love and miracle. After 'talking' to Him for years, He finally brings me "The One" - even better, He gave me more than what I've expected from the man of my dream!

Keep the faith and your new path will soon be revealed to you. :)


  1. Hi Ethel,

    I totally understand ur heart break. I've been through it as well, mine was a 7 years of relationship. I sacrifice most of my time with him and he ended it by choosing other girl.

    After 4 years I found my true love. I am now happily my married to a guy, which was my secondary schoolmate. He is my soulmate...

  2. ethel-...alamak aku tertipu la ni..hahaha...

  3. for someone who's never been in a serious relationship her whole life, i always tell myself that someday, some way i will eventually meet The One. i dont care how long it takes coz i know he's going to be worth the wait. and now, after 25 years, i finally met HIM. and he's everything i ever wanted & more..;)
    ethel, i m so happy for u! jaya, u r the man! :)

  4. Ethel.. I mean Cindy...
    I am so so happy for you. From the way you wrote this post, I can feel you are so so happy now. I am really really happy for you. A good morning for me to hear this on my first blog to visit at work.

    I wanna said it ever happen to me too before meeting The One, but thats another story we share later on. For now, all the best to you. May happiness and forever longer lasting relationship leads to marriage and kids for you. I may not be your like GF to share with, but enough to know I care and wish you all the best. seriously and honestly.

    Papajoneh.com :)