January 17, 2009

i'm still alive!

Just so you know, I did NOT vanish from the face of the earth. It's just that I moved to another place and I did not have any Internet access.

But I do now! :D

I'll continue with my posts and blog hops as soon as I get settled in this new place of mine. Okay?

For the time being, here's a photo of me and my bestie, Tess, during a gig where my BF was performing. And oh, did I mentioned that I have a boyfriend now? *hee* He was the one that I meant when I wrote this post. I'm so blessed! (Anyway, will talk about him some other time.. ok?)

Until then. Take care everyone. God bless!


  1. woww!! really?? im so happy for you! must feel great righhttt... hehe..

  2. bha...bawa pulang sabah...ku doakan kamu bahagia sepanjang masa tanpa gangguan bekalan air dan jga bekalan elektrik..hehe

  3. love is in the air.more updates,please!im a sucker for real life love stories..:)

  4. Syura - Yesssss... It feels greaaaaaat!!! :D

    Toyong - Bah, nantilah Krismas aku bawa balik kalau teda aral melintang. Harap-harap teda la gangguan bekalan elektrik masa tu supaya korang bulih jamming together-gether. *hee*

    Willie - Begitulah nampaknya.. Hehehehe.

    Nieza - Will update you soon! I will need to think of a nice way to put it in a story first. LOL

  5. Simple congrats to you. Semoga ke anak cucu :)

  6. u must be really happy ! that's great & looking forward to your postings ...

  7. Thanks, PapaJoneh.

    And yes, Ida.. I'm really happiee!!!! :D