March 24, 2009

unwell :(

I hate having very sensitive stomach. Not only I have bad gastric problem, my stomach decides what and which food she likes - and she changes her mind quite often too!

Take for instance, a month ago: I got myself a jar of my favorite peanut butter -I used to watch my favorite shows on TV, eating peanut butter like there's no tomorrow - I sat in front of TV watching CSI, licking peanut butter off the spoons.. and a few minutes later.. BAM! My stomach churned and I ran to the bath and puked my life out! To this day, whenever I see peanut butter, it feels like I've seen a ghost. I get all phobia and sick to my stomach.

And today... I had this terrible stomachache from eating spicy nasi lemak for breakfast. It left me turning and tossing on the bed the whole morning till afternoon. Even the cooling effect of the rain doesn't help much. By noon, I got the strength to stand up and buy my lunch, which is this:

I don't have the appetite to eat heavy lunch such as rice or noodle, hence I end up with this "fried bananas". But guess what? After eating only 5 piece of it, I end up running to the bath again....

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just lie on the bed and die.


  1. I'm so concern with ur health la girl. I wish there's a medicine or pill or tablet that can relief the pain u suffering.

    Can u drink milk to reduce the pain?

    My mom went for endoscopy this afternoon to check if there's any problem with her liver. Coz doctors said, it will probably that organ which creates extreme pain. Tidak semestinya gastrik saja.

    Please take care of ur eating behaviour ya. Certain types of bananas can cause gastric juga tu.

    Reduce carbonated drinks, tea or coffee. It can maximize ur acid activation in ur stomach.

    Please take care...

  2. Aduh hai. There's quit a number of food that you can't eat yeah?

    well...i guess you have to really careful when you eat.

  3. i had heartburn once & it burnt like hell! i cant imagine being in ur situation, not getting to eat all the things u love. i really hope there is a cure for what u're having.
    take care..