December 23, 2008

home is where the heart is

The one thing I love about being back home is that - I get to sleep on my own bed. I get to wake up to the loud, blasting sound from my dad's radio early in the morning. I get to eat breakfast every morning. I get pampered like a small girl I was.. *hee*

We finally did the Christmas tree last night. Me and my brother. Took us almost 3 hours (or more) because we were too lazy.. in fact, one of us managed to take a nap while working on the tree! LOL! The tree didn't turned out as pretty as we've planned.. but boleh lah, kampung-kampung. Ha! Ha! Ha!

And speaking of kampung, oohh have I mentioned how I LOVE being back in kampung (village)?

This is me, early morning yesterday, enjoying the beautiful green scenery with Girly.
(Photo was taken by my brother, through the bamboo blind - which explains the "blurness")

It's calming and peaceful being back home. Really. You city people should try living in the kampung once a while. :P


  1. I've always been in kampung. Heheh

  2. always heartbreaking when u have to leave home ...

  3. merry christmas n happy new year!

    mesti seronok balik kampung... i hardly wait too!!! nak balik kg jgk.

  4. it's always good to be back home... particularly during this Christmas season... have a blessed one!

  5. Merry Christmas & Have a Great New Year Cindy! And that pic of you and Girly is SO cute!

  6. C Girly pun termenung juga menghayati udara segar Popot..ehehe..