November 10, 2008

oops, i did it again

I was already working halfway through my latest project when my "inner voice" told me to double check on the design requirement. So I did. I went through the particulars. Everything seems fine and according to what was required. And then the "inner voice" told me to refer to the old email from this client.

Kaboom! I found one very important request from her. It was her particular choice of color! I know she asked for a pink theme, but I totally forgot that she has a PARTICULAR pink...

This is the pink I've been working on:

And this is the particular pink she wanted:

*slaps own face*

Oh dear, my mistake! My mistake! Now I gotta start all over again. :(

Lesson: Always listen to your inner voice. LOL!

1 comment:

  1. yeah, i have a bad habit of doing that too! at leasdt your inner voice spoke up and you listened!