July 16, 2011


My last post was dated sometime in September last year. Good gracious me, LAST YEAR! And of course, I have no other excuses for the delayed or abandoning of blog posts but to say that I have been really busy.

I got a job, I quit a job, and then I got another job... I work at night now. So it's only fair to say that I needed all the mornings for my rest, to sleep and gain my strength again. And like most people who works at night, I gained weight. Like lots of weight from late night supper with my friends and lack of exercise in the day. Sucks, I'd say. Just yesterday, a friend whom I've never seen for about 5 months came over for a visit asked if I was pregnant!

So here I am, again. Back to starting my daily exercise. I did a few rounds of cardio this afternoon followed by some weight lifting. Sweat like a pig I did. Hopefully I'd shed a lot of weight soon because I am so tired of people reminding me of how fat I've grown!

But on the bright side, I finally got myself a Coach Poppy! :D

Happy! Happy! Happy!

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